Learning about business is a great way to develop a solid understanding of how a business functions. It provides insights to real-time scenarios, such as identifying business core issues as well as creating and implementing business strategies in various industries. Business careers span in multiple industries, ranging from banking to creative industries. In other words, students in our Business programmes will leave with an academic qualification that is versatile and relevant in any organisation. Thus, employers from multinational corporations and Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are always on the lookout for Business graduates due to the breadth of skills they could offer to a business, and the potential they have to become future business leaders. Alternatively, you can start your very own business as you apply what you have learned from our Business core and elective modules.

  • 99% of our graduates get jobs within six months after completing a programme.
  • Through practical workshops, bootcamps and industry guest lecturers, we ensure our graduates are industry-ready.
  • Our curriculum is developed in partnership with industry leaders, ensuring that our students are equipped with cutting-edge business and tech skills.
  • As part of our programmes, students complete employer projects initiated by leading companies.

At the INTI School of Business, we prepare our students with industry knowledge and skills that are fundamental to exercising critical thinking in the competitive business environment. Here are good reasons why INTI’s Business programmes are among the most sought-after Business courses in Malaysia:

  • Close Ties to Industry
    Over the years, INTI has cultivated a strong engagement with multinational companies and local organisations on diverse platforms such as INTI Leadership Series, Faculty Industry Attachments, Internships and Job Placements, to name a few. Our aim is to foster good business and management knowledge and skills to develop future-ready graduates.
  • Enhancement Programme
    Students at INTI are given a holistic education that covers not only academic subjects but also the skills, training and accreditation that enhance their academic learning, leadership skills, networking and personal development. This hands-on approach is achieved through a variety of activities, workshops and seminars that expose them to actual business scenarios.
  • International Partnerships
    INTI has close partnerships with renowned foreign universities, including the University of Hertfordshire (UK), that are globally recognised for the quality and innovativeness of their Business programmes.
  • Flexible Learning for Working Professionals
    INTI International University MBA – Online Learning, is a programme specifically designed for Working Professionals. A key feature of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) is its flexible and personal approach to learning to accommodate the needs of a Working Professional’s lifestyle and family commitments. Students will acquire business management skills and knowledge that will help them develop their careers in a challenging management environment. They will develop a portfolio of key management competencies like strategic analysis, decision-making and appreciation of global business challenges. This is complemented by people, financial, marketing and system analysis skills.

Why you should study Business at INTI

From E-Commerce studies to Business Management courses to choose from, INTI helps build your business pathway to achieve your entrepreneurial ambitions. We believe that our Business students will gain valuable insights and acquire relevant skills to embark on their professional careers. Our syllabus has been designed to fit the requirements of professional bodies while giving students a competitive edge in soft skills. Combining interactive learning with real industry training and projects, our holistic approach offers students a structured personal development and coaching plan that will give students a head start in the working world.

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