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Yuvaroshine Visvanathan

Job Title:
Planning Executive, Nestle Malaysia

Course of study at INTI:
Bachelor of Business Administration, INTI International University, Malaysia

Chances are, you’ve probably seen MAGGI BIG and MAGGI Royale Johor Seafood Laksa on the supermarket shelves. Yuvaroshine Visvanathan holds bragging rights to these two products, as she played a pivotal role in the success of these and other Nestle products, including MILO UHT. The Planning Executive with Nestle Products tells us how overcoming failure in INTI has helped her to excel at work.

It’s hard to pick what I liked most about INTI. The biggest draw is probably the Nilai campus and the fact that we were surrounded by nature made us appreciate our friends more because we learned how to have fun by just enjoying each other’s company. The diverse student population also gave us an opportunity to learn more about our different cultures and languages. I remember having so much fun speaking broken Swahili and Hindi. And not to forget the array of club activities and food stalls that made our nights in INTI so much more interesting. To me, it is the best university for business studies.

From almost failing my degree, I ended up graduating with honours and was even chosen as a valedictorian! Once, I almost failed a paper and was also gave a presentation that did not meet my lecturer’s high expectations. I almost gave up. Fortunately, my lecturers and course mates reminded me that nothing is impossible if I work harder. They gave me the motivation and strength to pick myself up again.

Overcoming failure during my formative years helped me achieve success in my professional life. My biggest accomplishments to date are

Being part of the team behind the success of MAGGI BIG, for which we were rewarded with a trip to Japan.
Winning the “IDEA CHALLENGE 2: Choose Your Next Taste Adventure” by MAGGI. It is surreal to see our idea for MAGGI Royale Johor Seafood Laksa in every grocery store today. To be better prepared for the working world, participate in co-curricular activities during your time at university.

Volunteer to be a Student Ambassador during open days as the exposure will teach you about teamwork, how to present yourself, and how to communicate confidently. Believe me, these traits will be a lifesaver when you enter the real working world.

Cynthia Uchechi

Course of study at INTI:

Dual Award:

Master of Business Administration (MBA), INTI International University and Master of Arts in Management Studies, University of Hertfordshire, UK

Doctor of Philosophy (Management) By Research, INTI International University, Malaysia

Sometimes, our learning journey can unleash our hidden passion. While Cynthia Uchechi enjoyed a successful career in marketing in Ghana, first with The Corporate Guardian Magazine, and then with The Business Analyst Publications, she always felt there was more for her beyond the realm of marketing.

While doing her post-graduate studies at INTI, she discovered a passion for the academic field, and hopes to pursue a career in this line.

I had initially intended to study in the UK until I learnt about INTI from the local newspapers in Ghana. The possibility of studying in Malaysia and graduating with a Dual Award, especially with a second certificate from the UK, was very appealing. The more I googled about INTI, the more resolute I became that INTI was the right university for me. Studying in INTI offered me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the Asian culture while still receiving a European degree.

While pursuing my MBA, I discovered a passion for the academic field and the quest for knowledge. My favourite assignments were the employer projects where we got to design real, working solutions for established companies that approached us with their most pressing business challenges. I also made a lot of friends and colleagues from around the world whom I still keep in touch with till today. The opportunity to interact with people from different cultures also meant that my time in INTI broadened my horizons and perspectives of life. As I liked the university environment, the idea of working there became increasingly attractive. Before my MBA programme ended, I decided to immediately apply for a PhD. The Nilai campus is very conducive for learning. Situated in a serene environment away from the hustle and bustle of city life, students can focus on their studies without any distractions. I recently completed my PhD with my thesis on Gen Y’s attitude towards social media advertising and its effect on purchasing behavior, and I hope to see myself in academia for a long time to come. Getting a PhD is not easy. It requires passion and a lot of patience. The only driver in the whole journey is self-motivation. I worked on my thesis in isolation most of the time but I was lucky enough that INTI matched me with an amazing supervisor, Dr. Soney Mathews, who was very supportive throughout my doctoral study. With his guidance, I was able to graduate in record time. I still remember my joy when the dates were fixed for the defense of my thesis and the convocation ceremony!

To succeed academically, the first thing you must do is to attend classes regularly. Take notes during classes, ask questions when you don’t understand, and be ready for the responsibilities that come in the form of assignments. It pays to get to know your course advisers and lecturers, and always strive to make a good impression. Don’t be afraid to ask for help before it’s too late. Participate in extracurricular activities. Lastly, be prepared to challenge yourself and be challenged.

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