Students who study abroad often share how the experience has led to positive intellectual, cultural and personal development. Similarly, undertaking an American Degree Transfer Program helps students in Malaysia to further their studies at highly-rated academic institutions as well as broadening your perspective of the world.

  • Smooth credit transfer to over 300 US and Canadian universities.
  • Exclusive scholarships of up to USD 1 million awarded annually by US universities.
  • Largest alumni network in Malaysia.
  • Support from our dedicated university placement team.

Other than the joy of coming home with amazing life experiences, here are other great reasons why INTI’s American University Program (AUP) is an exciting study option for local and international students residing in Malaysia:

  • Recognition by the Malaysian and American Government
    INTI is a tertiary institution that receives the Certification of Appreciation for Achievement in Trade by the US government which displays our American University Program education credibility. The Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) have also certified and acknowledged INTI’s AUP study program. Center for American Education (CAE), where AUP is located, is responsible for providing guidance in selection of universities, areas of study and scholarships for INTI’s AUP students.
  • Over 300 Universities to Choose From
    INTI’s AUP allows students to choose over 300 universities in both the United States and Canada which offer specialised areas of study in a wide range of courses. INTI’s AUP requires 4 years to complete the study program. Students also have the option to transfer to selected collaborated universities at Year 2, 3 or 4. Optionally, students may also complete a 4-year program in Malaysia at INTI alongside our partner university, Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU).
  • Exclusive Scholarships for Eligible Students
    Students enrolled in the American Degree Transfer Program are eligible for exclusive scholarships which are awarded by our American partner universities.
  • Excellent University Placement Services Team
    From preparing major documents to estimating living expenses, the plan to study abroad can be a little overwhelming. Fortunately, we have established our very own University Placement Services team to assist AUP students in their plans to study abroad. For example, our team provides assistance in visa applications, pre-departure matters and other finer details, helps you to make better decisions based on our program guides, information on tuition fees and living expenses, university prospectus and other relevant materials.
  • Comprehensive Information on Credit Transfer
    INTI’s American University Program offers over 150 approved equivalency tables and articulation agreements with American universities in Malaysia, allowing AUP students to have a smooth credit transfer to their desired foreign university. To view all equivalency tables, they are available at the INTI University Placement Library. Basically, the University Placement Library possesses a collection of catalogues or prospectuses, handbooks, magazines, CD-ROMs from universities overseas, letters from alumni and other publications. American Degree Transfer Program and non-American Degree Transfer Program students are strongly encouraged to use these resources in their search for a suitable university overseas.

Why you should study AUP at INTI

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