Engineers are problems solvers. They apply scientific knowledge and theories to tackle real-world problems. Engineers are often mistaken as professionals who can fix anything. In reality, their role is mainly focused on improving the product or machine design to operate better. INTI’s Engineering programmes are offered in four major branches, namely mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, and quantity surveying.

  • Fully accredited with trusted engineering bodies.
  • Learn from a team of qualified engineers with real-life experience
  • 3-month employer projects for hands-on experience and employment opportunities.
  • High employability and soft skills with INTI’s enhancement programmes.

Not sure which university offers the engineering degree course you want? INTI International University and Colleges are top-tier private institutions in Malaysia that offer a wide range of engineering degree courses in different levels of study. Here are good reasons why INTI’s engineering programmes are among the best in the country:

  • Highly Qualified Academic Staff
    INTI’s faculty members, are all professionally qualified engineers in various engineering disciplines. Collectively the faculty has published multiple academic papers, with numerous invited as key note speakers for industry and academic talks. These achievements are also instrumental in their efforts to ensure the high standards of excellence that the programme is known for.
  • Nationwide and International Recognition
    INTI’s engineering programmes are fully accredited and recognised by the following bodies:
    (i) Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC)
    (ii) Singapore Institute of Engineering Technologists (SIET)
    (iii) Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), UK
    (iv) The Board of Quantity Surveyors, Malaysia (BQSM)
    (v) Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia
  • Internship Placements
    Regardless of engineering specialisation, INTI students are given internship placements to gain exposure to the work environment of real engineers. Some of our industry partners include Intel, Osram, Inari and more. By working closely with these leading companies, students can apply what they have learned and observed in their future engineering careers.
  • Employer Project Assignment
    This three-month student-employer assignment aims to give students a preliminary yet foundational exposure to the world of engineering. During this period, they will learn of the real engineering challenges faced by businesses and organisations. Students will be under a multi-disciplinary team of professionals and engineers as part of their project assessment. After completing the projects, students will present what they have learned and their personal observations to their employers. Our industry partners have reported of past INTI students who were able to think critically and present practical solutions. Moreover, some of our students were offered job positions before their graduation.
  • Enhancement Programmes
    Employability in today’s challenging workplace not only requires academic excellence, but also high competency in technical and soft skills. INTI provides enhancement programmes that include training in Microsoft Office tools and effective communication skills. These are essential skills graduates can take with them when they enter the workforce.

Possessing an engineering qualification allows you to work in diverse career fields, such as providing humanitarian relief at an underpowered local village or redesigning construction machinery to minimise occupational hazards.

Why you should study Engineering at INTI

Looking for a specific area of specialisation? INTI is a private university in Malaysia that offers a wide range of engineering courses and degrees. Visit our website to find out more.

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