At INTI, we believe that securing a dream job begins while our students are still studying. Providing hands-on learning through internships, employer projects as well as networking opportunities with local and international organisations, gives them one part of the skills necessary to securing future employment.

Building your personal brand and your link to a world of opportunities

The world’s leading professional networking site, LinkedIn is used by industry professionals to connect with one another, enhance their visibility in the competitive job space and access jobs worldwide. INTI has established a collaboration with LinkedIn that leverages its powerful connections, and offers training for students to create their personal personal brand and profile that elevates their opportunities for employability.
To get INTI students started on their profile, regular workshops are conducted to teach students how to create a compelling resume that will resonate with potential employers. With a complete, job-ready LinkedIn profile even before they graduate, INTI students have the perfect platform to build and enhance their personal brand.

Google Ignite

Get accredited in digital marketing by the experts!

As part of its goal to achieve maximum employability for its graduates, INTI has collaborated with Google Malaysia to offer Google Ignite, an online digital marketing programme that imparts the crucial fundamentals of digital marketing with optional advanced courses.

Students who successfully complete the certification are invited to an exclusive career fair hosted by Google where they can apply for internships with Malaysia’s top employers. Regardless of their career path, students who can grasp the intricate nuances of digital marketing and gain a solid foundation in the fundamentals of digital marketing stand a significantly better chance of employment than those who do not.

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Master skills from one of the world’s biggest names in technology

Through INTI’s close ties with Microsoft, students enjoy access to the prestigious Microsoft Virtual Academy. This portal is designed and managed by Microsoft to offer cutting edge courses in a host of topics on technology, and covers everything from coding to mobile app development in 14 different languages. INTI students get access to these courses for free and those who successfully master these subjects will receive certifications and credibility for their future employment.

Get valuable feedback and grow

To keep abreast of a student’s academic progress at INTI, both students and lecturers have access to the Blackboard Academic Learning system which helps them track the areas for improvement. Parents and caregivers are also invited twice a year to meet with the student’s lecturers and academic staff to discuss their academic performance and explore ways to enhance it.

Expand your social circles and future horizons

New students and international arrivals at INTI are paired up with a senior student who acts as a role model and offers assistance in easing them into academic life. The mentor-mentee programme effectively supports new students to form social bonds and helps them become a part of the close-knit INTI community. These social bonds are invaluable and provide a significant part of the support a student receives during their journey at INTI.

Helping our students to excel Mentally, Emotionally, Socially & Academically (MESA)

M = Mental(ly)
Adjusting to the rigours of college life can be a daunting task. This is on top of potential family, health and relationship problems which may be more than what a student can bear. INTI’s professionally trained team of student counsellors are able to lend a friendly ear and a helping hand through free, professional student counselling in a confident and discreet manner. Students are also exposed to workshops that highlight pressing mental health issues such as recognising and addressing the risks of suicide, identifying depression, ways of combating stress and more.

S = Social(ly)
INTI offers robust social programmes across all its campuses that engage students in a positive and meaningful way. At INTI there are a rich array of clubs, social networks and activities -many of which are proactively initiated by fellow students – that promote social interaction, aid in improving soft skills and encourage students to contribute to their communities.

E = Emotional(ly)
Mental health is but one component to achieving a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. Emotionally healthy people are able to cope with the challenges that life throws at them and have the ability to establish and maintain healthy social ties with those around them. To avoid feelings of isolation or alienation, INTI assigns a senior student mentor to new students who guide and help them to adjust to academic life. Students can also participate in group counselling sessions to understand the dynamics and nuances of managing relationships and learn to cope with life’s challenges.

A = Academical(ly)
The demanding pace of higher education requires students to rapidly master a host of technical skills and new ways of learning to succeed. With the integration of the Blackboard Learning Management system into INTI’s first year experience programmes, students gain a bird’s eye view of their progress and can easily identify areas for improvement with the help of their lecturers and academic staff. These are also supplemented with regular workshops that help acclimatise students to the rapid pace of learning and usage of the Blackboard system.