Individual Development

Stand out from the crowd with exceptional employability skills

Build your personal brand
Every year, more and more graduates join the workforce. Among a sea of graduates, there’s only one decisive way to stand out from the crowd and to get the job that you want – to demonstrate outstanding 21st century skills and gain work experience even before you graduate.

Practical knowledge from the get-go

INTI endeavours to include practical experiences in every programme it offers. From practical workshops taught by local and international guest lecturers and industry practitioners who share the ins and outs of the working world, to hands-on practical projects initiated by potential employers.

Building your personal brand and your link to a world of opportunities

The world’s leading professional networking site, LinkedIn is used by industry professionals to connect with one another, enhance their visibility in the competitive job space and access jobs worldwide. INTI has established a collaboration with LinkedIn that leverages its powerful connections, and offers training for students to create their personal brand and profile that elevates their opportunities for employability. To get INTI students started on their profile, regular workshops are conducted to teach students how to create a compelling resume that will resonate with potential employers. With a complete, job-ready LinkedIn profile even before they graduate, INTI students have the perfect platform to build and enhance their personal brand.

Increase your skills with the latest digital tools from the experts

Google Activate is an extracurricular program by Google in partnership with INTI International University & Colleges, where students reach out and help small business owners in their community to take their first step towards digitization and growing their businesses. Students will have access to free, face-to-face and online courses in Google My Business and related digital solutions, which will help them develop their own competencies in digital brand development. Open to all students, this program offers practical experiences in digitizing businesses and improving brand visibility, important competencies for students entering the 21st century workplace or in their own entrepreneurial pursuits.

Master skills from one of the world’s biggest
names in technology

Through INTI’s close ties with Microsoft, students enjoy access to the prestigious Microsoft Virtual Academy. This portal is designed and managed by Microsoft to offer cutting edge courses in a host of topics on technology, and covers everything from coding to mobile app development in 14 different languages. INTI students get access to these courses for free and those who successfully master these subjects will receive certifications and credibility for their future employment.

Get valuable feedback and grow

To keep abreast of a student’s academic progress at INTI, both students and lecturers have access to the Canvas Learning Management System which helps them track the areas for improvement. Parents and caregivers are also invited twice a year to meet with the student’s lecturers and academic staff to discuss their academic performance and explore ways to enhance it.

Expand your social circles and future horizons

New students and international arrivals at INTI are paired up with a senior student who acts as a role model and offers assistance in easing them into academic life. The mentor-mentee programme effectively supports new students to form social bonds and helps them become a part of the close-knit INTI community. These social bonds are invaluable and provide a significant part of the support a student receives during their journey at INTI.