Media and Communication is a field that explores the how and why behind every message and the medium through which it is sent to the masses. From broadcasting news to launching online marketing campaigns, the ability to effectively get your point across to your targeted audience is indeed a powerful skill. Popular forms of media include traditional print media, digital media, social media and television. Since Media and Communication is multi-disciplinary in nature, related fields such as journalism, advertising, public relations and broadcasting are commonly incorporated into this exciting field of study. With the society dependent on media to keep up with the latest news and trends happening in Malaysia or around the world, Media and Communication courses allow prospective university students to be exposed to a diversity of mass media formats and communication practices in their curriculum.

  • Collaborative internship opportunities with Malaysia’s leading media agencies.
  • Opportunity to attend international study trips.
  • Fully-equipped facilities and broadcasting studios.
  • Industry-relevant curriculum guided by industry-trained professionals.

Through INTI’s partnerships with some of the most prestigious international universities in the world, we aim to provide Media and Communication programmes that will equip students the ability to craft engaging and purposeful messages while effectively disseminating across different media and types of audience. Apart from our international collaborations, here are other takeaways why INTI’s Media and Communication programmes are worth considering:

  • Practical Experiences and Industry-Relevant Curriculum
    INTI champions the responsibility to align graduate outcomes with employer expectations. Therefore, we have integrated and incorporated an array of practical course-related activities to its teaching delivery. This is to ensure our students receive the industry-relevant curriculum guided by experienced and industry-trained professionals. INTI students are given the opportunity to undergo internships at Malaysia’s leading media agencies to expose them to real-world scenarios. From applying what they have learned into strategic media planning to being involved with developing and presenting advertising campaigns to management teams, we strive to empower Media and Communication students to think and learn beyond the classroom.
  • Advanced Learning Experience
    Apart from having industry professionals in our faculty, INTI students are able to maximise their learning experience using the highly advanced Canvas Learning Management System, allowing students and lecturers to interact with each other via curated forums online. Also, students can revisit the lessons taught any time in addition to identifying areas for improvement using advanced analytics.
  • Fully-Equipped Broadcasting Studio
    With fully-equipped broadcasting studios with an array of microphones, lighting solutions and video recorders, our students are able to create productions for course work such as making video productions and live reporting tasks using the latest technology.
  • Mass Communication Week
    Organised annually by our Mass Communication students, it is an event to discuss and address key issues in media and communication with industry experts. It provides opportunities for students to develop their management and communication skills when inviting speakers to the event.

Why you should study Media and Communication at INTI

Studying Media and Communication is a doorway to explore the diversity of mass media formats and communication practices which allows creativity and flexibility in career selection. Without a doubt, INTI can help you on your career pathway to change the world’s perception with the power of communication.

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