Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (Innovation and Technology)

This programme enable students to integrate multiple specialties that are essential to innovation initiatives in the value chain. These specialties include creativity, the ability to harness collective intelligence, and the capability of adding value creation in business. This programme also aims to facilitate knowledge creation in the field of innovation and technology and hence, create better solutions for workplace challenges.

INTI Programmes for Working Professionals PhD 4 years (PT), 3 years (FT) From RM 49,500
  • Students will achieve a high standard of communication skills, critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, information management skills, and an entrepreneurial mind-set in the field of innovation and technology.
  • Prepares students with the latest data analytic and modelling tools that will enable them to manage the huge amount of data and convert into useful information.
  • Graduates will be able to contribute professionally as leaders in the area of innovation and technology in academic and workplace organisations.


Research Areas

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Process / Production Optimisation
  • Data Digitisation
  • Smart Healthcare
  • Digital Construction
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Data Mining
  • Artificial Intelligence
Campus Local Students International Students
INTI International University Approx. RM 49,500 Approx. RM 49,500
  • A recognised Master’s degree; AND
  • Meet any of the following English language requirements:
    • A Master’s degree conducted in English*; OR
    • Credit 6 in MCE/SPM/GCE level;
    • MUET Band 3/TOEFL score of 500 / IELTS score of 5.0; OR
    • Equivalent score from any of the above obtained at undergraduate level at a recognised university*

* A copy of document from the university is required during submission as a proof of English proficiency
Any other qualification with relevant working experience will be subject to approval by the Senate

Note: International students are subject to meet entry requirements that reflect similar qualifications and experience as stated above.
To find country-specific entry requirements visit our international entry requirement page

Campuses & Intakes

INTI International University

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  • May
  • September

Note: International students are subject to placement guidelines. Please check with a student counsellor.

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