Combined with a world class curriculum that incorporates industry-relevant courses in tandem with real-world scenarios and projects.

INTI graduates are highly employable and empowered to make a positive difference from day one.

Albert Woon

Civil Servant, Singapore

Course of study at INTI:
3+0 Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Bradford, UK

I chose to join INTI because of its reputation as one of the best local colleges with one of the highest graduate employability rates. My lecturer from my previous colleges was also instrumental in encouraging me to take up this course and to explore the job opportunities pursuing this course could open up for me.

[showhide type=”alumni1″ more_text=”Read more” less_text=”Hide”]With a strong paper qualification, I was able to secure a job with the Singapore Civil Service quite quickly, so I’m really glad I made the right choice from the start!

I learned so many things at INTI, even outside of the classroom. Spending time with my friends helped me realise that we can learn new things by observing the actions of others. My mentors at colleges gave me many useful pointers on what is the best and worst way to handle a problem. One of the most important things I learnt at INTI was the importance of time management, whether by being punctual to classes or meeting deadlines for assignments.

By overcoming the problems and challenges I faced in my college projects, I learned that success is more than just achieving broad goals and big objectives. It means knowing how to minimize the wastage of input, to reduce the unproductive use of scarce resources and to consider all the factors of production, to be mindful of cost overruns and to be aware of the consequences from a failure to meet deadlines. All these experiences provided me with a learning curve that helped me to excel at my current job.

My advice to students who are about to enter the working world is to have Integrity, commitment, and to adopt the correct mindset. One of the biggest global issues facing businesses today is the lack of honesty and integrity in business conduct. Learn what it takes to always do the right things, and not just doing things right.[/showhide]

Ameer Azhar Fadzilan

Job title:
Product Engineer, Misi Setia Oil & Gas Sdn Bhd

Course of study:
B.Eng. (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering, INTI International University

When I first visited INTI back in 2009, it still held the status of ‘University College’. After learning about the curriculum and the facilities during a campus tour, I had full confidence that INTI would achieve full university status. It was their partnerships with top universities in the UK and North America that sealed the deal for me.

[showhide type=”alumni2″ more_text=”Read more” less_text=”Hide”]True enough in 2010, the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education upgraded INTI University College to INTI International University. I also like that the Nilai campus was away from the busy city as I was able to focus on my studies and pursue the various sports activities offered on campus.

My decision to pursue a career in oil and gas started with university field trips. To find where I belonged, I would attend every field trip organised by the School of Engineering and learned about the different industries. From those field trips, I picked the best company to do my internship with – PETRONAS Penapisan Melaka. With my internship experience with PETRONAS, I found a burning enthusiasm to learn more about the industry. Plus, the oil and gas sector had promising opportunities for growth which was a priority in my job search.

As oil and gas is a demanding industry, the first year of work was very challenging. Nonetheless, I made a wide networking circle within professionals from the industry and during the first year, I delivered quality work with results that surpassed my KPI. That won me the respect of my company’s top management.

To be prepared for the working world, you need to sharpen your soft skills. As much as employers appreciate your qualifications, your soft skills will be the deciding factor in whether you land your dream job. Trust me, it’s a challenging world out there, so get out of your hostel room and start interacting with everyone, participate in extra-curricular activities, and put your hand up for committee roles.[/showhide]

Farhaa Bibi Naheeda Suddoo

Job Title:
Civil and Structural Engineer

Course of study at INTI:
Bachelor (HONS) in Civil and Structural Engineer, Dual Award with University of Bradford, UK

I first heard about INTI at a Malaysian Education Fair back in my hometown of Mauritius. Having just been awarded a scholarship, I naturally wanted the best university I could find to study Civil Engineering. After comparing the curriculum and the campus location with other options, there was no question in my mind that INTI would be my best choice, as it had a conducive environment, a rigorous curriculum and fantastic facilities.

[showhide type=”alumni3″ more_text=”Read more” less_text=”Hide”]I was also attracted by the fact that INTI offered a competitive dual award Civil Engineering programme together with the University of Bradford, UK. I really liked the ease with which the procedures were being carried out, and the fact that assistance was offered throughout my journey at INTI International University.

With peace of mind, I was able to fully concentrate on my studies and make the most of my learning environment. My dedicated lecturers, a dynamic course, and exposure to so many different facets of the engineering discipline helped me to do well in my field of study, and eventually led me to achieve my first class honours degree. It’ was the best feeling in the world to make my parents proud after all the sacrifices they had made to help me stand on my two feet today.

In addition to the skill sets I learned at university, I was provided with ample learning opportunities that helped me find my place in the professional world. During my internship, I met a successful female engineer who was very inspiring. She showed me that in the 21st century, the sky is the limit for women in our profession. She solidified my ambition to be a civil engineer and to achieve as much as she had.

To be a successful leader, strive harder, be smarter, and better yourself at every opportunity. Never be satisfied with who you are today. Remember that you can always be better and never stop improving yourself. The working world is cruel, but be kind as everyone is facing their own difficulties in life. See the positives in every day. Be thankful for your blessings and give back to others who are less fortunate.[/showhide]

Yadhavsingh Jaddoo

Job Title:
Mauritius Tourism Authority

Course of study at INTI:
BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying

I first heard about INTI when I was looking for a study abroad experience. I found that INTI offered the most interesting Quantity Surveying programme compared to other institutions. I liked that the degree touched on different aspects of construction, project management and its economic impact. It was not only restricted to construction and offered great insights on how to manage any project.

[showhide type=”alumni4″ more_text=”Read more” less_text=”Hide”]The best way to develop soft skills is by participating in university activities and volunteering as an organising committee member. You will learn a lot about working in teams and overcoming challenges no matter how big they are. For me, the experience equipped me with the proper tools to take on both work and life challenges. It gave me the confidence in making informed decisions, especially during difficult situations.

To meet people in the industry, attend as many seminars and workshops as you can. Networking is very important; it’s as much about knowing the right people as it is about having the right qualifications. My first job, an internship with a reputable company, was secured through strategic networking.

The secret to effective studying is to look for the interesting aspects of the subject you are studying. Look for what your mind craves for when it comes to acquiring knowledge, and go satisfy your cravings. Studying is not about sitting at the library 24/7. Studying is about learning from experience, trying new things, taking up challenges, testing yourself, and most importantly, sharing your knowledge with others.[/showhide]

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