From the movies we watch, the applications we use, the cars we drive and the restaurants we dine at, Computing and I.T. have seeped into every part of our lives today.

It is almost impossible to think about the tasks we carry out today which do not include technology. As innovations continue to evolve, more professionals are needed to harness the increasing power of technology.

Technology Makes The World Go Round

The tech world is blossoming with lucrative career opportunities across a myriad of disciplines and industries.

Professionals in this field can contribute to almost any area they are passionate about, while developing their own work which is meaningful and rewarding. At INTI, we equip you with the skills and expertise to master technology and the future.

In collaboration with the world’s best I.T. providers and leading technology innovators, INTI offers its students access to the latest cutting-edge technologies, expertise and professional certifications which will prepare you for the workplace even before you graduate. Industry based curricula which meet the market needs help you towards becoming a knowledgeable and skilled IT professional who can contribute to today’s knowledge-based economy.

International Expertise And Collaboration

Programmes at INTI are constantly assessed and mapped to the current demands of the job market.

Recent developments in technology and the knowledge-based economy have prompted the addition of modules that support E-Commerce and Online Businesses, additional specialisation in Network Security and the usage, implementation and application of Big Data, especially in the development of business intelligence.

Combined with this dynamic and robust syllabus, INTI has integrated a strong requirement for compulsory internships with leading technology companies, to provide invaluable workplace experiences that ensure graduates are job-ready when they complete their studies. Students have had the opportunity to intern with leading organisations such as Sony, Ricoh, Western Digital, Unisem, ON Semiconductor, Profitera, PWC and more.

To provide further training that is relevant to the demands of the job market, students atINTI are regularly exposed to industrial training and assigned employer projects based on realworld scenarios throughout the course of their programme. This helps them to acclimatize to the fast-moving job market and understand
the expectations of their future employers.

Constant Skills Enhancement

One of the cornerstones of the academic syllabus at INTI is its focus to offer relevant, hands-on technical experiences to students.

The new knowledge-based economy requires unique skill sets, one that INTI imparts through regular workshops that cover the creation of mobile applications Android based developments, basic PC hardware troubleshooting and an introduction to Operating System Modules from SUSE LINUX. This comprehensive set of technical skills and experiences are invaluable and can be applied to other non technical fields of endeavour.

To date, INTI is the only institution of private higher learning in the country to offer a curriculum that is integrated with content from the Cisco Academy. Future developments to these programmes will provide students with the opportunity to be CCNA/ Cisco certified upon graduation, further enhancing their employability.

Regular Exposure To World Class Competitions

To foster a competitive spirit of excellence, INTI students are regularly exposed to an array of competitions at both local and international levels, which provides them with an additional avenue to apply and develop their skills.

In 2016, students studying the Computer Science programme took part in a 24- hour hackathon session organised by iFlix Malaysia. The team successfully won the award for the Best Student Team against the stiff competition from other colleges and professionals.

In 2017, students from INTI took part in the Penang International Science Fair Mobile App Challenge and emerged as Champion. The team created a mobile app that allow users to report sighting of stray animals for rescue mission. The students was able to enhance their skills in mobile application programming and created solutions that could be used to benefit the society.

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