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Job Title:
IT Support Officer / Programmer, Keysight Technologies

Course of study:
3+0 Bachelor of Information Technology,
University of Wollongong, Australia

As a young IT student, Annabelle thought she wasn’t technically-savvy enough to pass her programme. As a fresh graduate she thought she wasn’t skilled enough to become an engineer. Yet Annabelle graduated with a first class honours and quickly moved on to become part of the team that developed Keysight Technologies’ latest high-performing oscilloscopes. Annabelle tells us how INTI gave her the platform to develop her full potential in IT.

“I was first attracted to INTI because of its wide variety of industry-focused courses. I had just completed my SPM and was going through a confusing phase where I had no clue what to study next. When I approached the INTI mentors with my questions, they gave me a career field test and provided me with invaluable guidance on the best course for me. I learned so much from their consultation sessions that I was able to make an informed decision to pursue IT. I liked that the programme served as a foundation in moulding me towards becoming technically prepared for the industry.

Although I was an IT student, I dreaded technical papers. I am not a technical person, I was also a slow learner in programming and I struggled with lab tasks. Often, the first thought that came to my mind was “Will I survive this semester?” and “Will I be able to complete the assignment?” The only thing that sustained me was my determination to maintain my CGPA. Therefore, I was never too shy to ask for help, especially from my lecturers and seniors. It was amazing that they never became tired of my incessant questions, even when it started to annoy my course mates! My lecturers were great that way, they were always available to give me the guidance I needed.

I am an IT graduate, yet the skills I learned at university were so comprehensive that they covered the job specifications of an engineer. After graduating, I joined Keysight Technologies, a US based company that produces testing and measurement equipment and software, as a job title in the Design and Engineering department. I now work closely with a team of test engineers in running interoperability and enumeration testing on both hardware and software test automation.

My advice for IT students is to pick up extra programming languages and skills during your free time. Upon entering the working world, it will serve as a good foundation when you are asked to quickly pick up new languages. Most importantly, don’t forget to participate in activities and have fun during your
student life.

Joshua Matthew

Job Title:
IT Associate, KPMG

Course of study:
3+0 Bachelor of Information Technology, University of Wollongong, Australia

From a student who used to doubt his capabilities, Joshua has graduated to become a confident and proud job title. While he was studying course, Joshua found his calling when he realized he loved to work with both people and technology to create positive social impact. He tells us how INTI helped him gain the confidence to pursue a career in IT.

“I chose to join INTI because it was filled with opportunities for students to learn and grow. I was completely enticed by the various industry partners INTI collaborates with, which gives students experiences, challenges, and industry training while they are still studying. Besides that, I also found confidence in INTI’s international presence.

The first time I ever tasted failure was during my second year of university. I failed my programming paper not once, but twice. I was so bogged down with self doubt that everyday I questioned whether my decision to study IT was a mistake.

Thankfully, with encouragement from my mum, it dawned on me that real failure is when you stop trying. I tried, and tried, and tried again until I passed all my papers. Now every time I look at my degree, I can confidently say that things that are worth having do not come easy. My proudest achievement to date is passing my final year project. Our lecturers set very high standards for us. They challenged us to build a website with many sophisticated functions. It was a very tedious and time-consuming project with a very tight deadline. Yet, my teammates and I rallied and we completed it on time! This may sound like it was just another assignment, but that final project led to another milestone – my graduation. Not long after that, I landed my first job.

For me, those string of events sparked the start of my career in IT. It shaped the progression of my professional and private life, one that I’m now truly excited about. However, I feel like my biggest achievements have yet to come, and I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner. To succeed in the working world, start investing in yourself. Your mind is like a bank, you are only able to withdraw the qualities and skills for success if you cultivate it. What you lack in talent can be made up with passion, attitude and effort. It’s never too late to start depositing the right values and attitude in yourself.’

Karene Lin

Job title:
Software Trainer, Eduspace Holdings

Course of study:
Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) Business Intelligence, INTI International University

From a shy person who was terrified of public speaking, name has blossomed into a confident presenter who conducts training for educators and students as part of her job as a Training Executive for Eduspace Holdings. Her role also provides her with ample opportunities to travel abroad and to meet international clients. Karene shares how her rich experience in INTI nurtured her hidden oratorical talent.

“Even before graduating from secondary school, I closely followed the growth and development of INTI. The most attractive thing about INTI was its pleasant spatial layout and its environment which is conducive for learning. I truly enjoyed my years at INTI. My greatest fear was to speak in front of a large crowd. I was so terrified that I thought I would pass out when I attempted to make a presentation. I must thank my trainer who helped me work through my misgivings during my Communication & Presentation Skills subject. Before a big presentation, I always remember him telling me that any misgivings I have will dissipate within less than 10 minutes when I go on stage – and he was right!

My internship put me on a path of self-discovery. My first stint in the product development department taught me to hone my research skills when I was assigned to study supplier demands in Malaysia. Along the way, I was privileged to learn database management. This company was also kind enough to provide me with ample opportunities to find my ‘fit’ in many of their departments. At the end of the short but eventful stint, I discovered that I had a gift in communicating how technologies actually influence and impact our environment. I’m very proud of how far I’ve come as a public speaker. In my maiden speech in Jakarta, I spoke confidently about the benefits of a modern day e-library to schools. I also had the opportunity to share my ideas and vision of the ‘21st Century Classroom’ before the Director of the Malaysian Examination Council and his subordinates. I also played a key role in a team presentation to several schools in Manila on the same topic, and employed and engaged multiple digital solutions for the presentation. Recently, I also conducted an international workshop for an audience of 400 participants.

As new undergraduates, you should be mindful of your strengths and weaknesses. Though you may have great dreams of becoming successful professionals and entrepreneurs during your college years, the reality out there may be diametrically different when you join the job market. Seek career paths that suit your talents, aptitude and attitude. In today’s fast changing world, you must firstly possess the relevant skills.”

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