Summer Course

Undergraduate students studying in the US and Canada now have the opportunity to take courses at INTI while staying in Malaysia for the summer.

American University Program Degree 2 months

Undergraduate students studying in the US and Canada now have the unique opportunity to take courses at INTI while staying in Malaysia for the summer. The American University Program at INTI offers a number of courses that can be transferred for credit to American institutions. Students can choose from a range of courses that include Business, Math, Science and Humanities courses.

NoCodeCourse Name (Credit Hour)
1ACC 201Principles of Accounting I (3)
2ACC 202Principles of Accounting II (3)
3ACC 301Financial Management (3)
4ANT 101Intro. To Cultural Anthropology (3)
5ART 105Art Appreciation (3)
6BIO 121Principles of Biology I, Lab (4)
7CHM 107Chemistry and Society (4)
8CHM 151General Chemistry I, Lab (4)
9CHM 152General Chemistry II, Lab (4)
10CHM 211Organic Chemistry I, Lab (4)
11COM 110Essentials of Public Speaking (3)
12COM 112Introduction to Mass Communication (3)
13COM 211Business Communication (3)
14CSC 101Intro. To Computing & Info processing (3)
15CSC 205Intro to Discrete Structure (3)
16ECO 151Intro to Microeconomics (3)
17ECO 152Intro to Macroeconomics (3)
18ECO 303International Trade (3)
19EGR 202Engineering Mechanics I : Statics (4)
20ENL 101English Composition I (3)
21ENL 102English Composition II (3)
22HIS 201Western Civilization Pre-Historic Times to 1648 (3)
23HIS 252United States History II (3)
24LAW 301Business Law I (3)
25MAT 121Concepts of Calculus (3)
26MAT 132Calculus with Analytic Geometry I (4)
27MAT 133Calculus with Analytic Geometry II (4)
28MAT 216Introduction to Linear Algebra,Lab (4)
29MAT 232Calculus with Analytic Geometry III, Lab (5)
30MAT 242Differential Equations (3)
31MGT 305International Business Management (3)
32MKT 210Principles of Marketing (3)
33MPU 3123Tamadun Islam & Tamadun Asia (3)
34MPU 3442Community Service (3)
35MUS 105Music Appreciation (3)
36PHI 101Introduction to Philosophy (3)
37PHI 102Ethics (3)
38PHY 151College Physics (4)
39PHY 211General Physics I, Lab (4)
40POL 101Introduction to American Government (3)
41PSY 105General Psychology (3)
42PSY 200Social Psychology (3)
43PSY 240Personality (3)
44REL 200World Religions (3)
45SOC 103Sociological Perspectives (3)
46STA 219Statistical Methods, Lab (4)

* Courses offered are subject to change according to College’s discretion
* Courses offered are subject to change according to College’s discretion

  • Steps to joining Summer classes:
    • CHECK with your college advisor:
      • Are INTI courses you plan to take relevant and transferable?
      • If your college advisor needs our course SYLLABI, provide us their e-mail address. We will e-mail your advisor directly.
    • REGISTER with INTI
      • Online
      • or, Ask a family member/friend to register and enroll on your behalf.
    • PAY semester fees before the enrolment of courses
    • ENROL for classes
      • Enrolment for Summer 2017 opens tentatively on 17 April 2017
  • Necessary documents for registration at INTI:
    • Completed INTI Application Form
      • Paper form (obtained from INTI campus) or the attachment (scanned copy) in the email
      • When filling out the application form, under the 7. Programme Preference, in the Programme Applied category, please state whether you're ADTAS (science) or ADTA (Arts)
    • Registration fee: RM400
    • Deposit fee : RM 500 (Refundable)
    • Original Malaysian I.C. / Identity Card
    • Original High School Results: SPM / O'Levels / equivalent- Former students of INTI International College Subang do not need to submit this.
    • Official transcript from your overseas college or university IF you have done 2 or more semesters there.
    • 1 passport-sized recent photograph
    • If you are not an ex-INTI student, we will need your college transcripts e.g. from Taylors, Segi, KDU, Methodist College, etc.

    NOTE: Scanned copies are acceptable for registration. You are still required to bring original copies with you to INTI for verification.

  • All payments are to be made through bank draft, crossed cheque or banking transfer to INTI Instruments (M) Sdn Bhd and bank account of INTI as below:
    • HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad - 105-154371-101 - Swift code HBMBMYKL
    • Maybank Berhad - 5-12222-21252-7 - Swift code MBBEMYKL

    Proof of payment with student's name, IC no. and Tel no. must be scanned to Ms. Uma via e-mail.

Contact Information

Facebook Profile: "CAE IICS"
Uma Kandasamy, Program Officer

Note: International students are subject to meet entry requirements that reflect similar qualifications and experience as stated above.
To find country-specific entry requirements visit our international entry requirement page

  • JOIN the nation’s best American Transfer Program
  • MEET new friends from Malaysia and other countries
  • FULFIL General Education requirements
  • OFFERS every Summer (May – July)

Offering more than 33 courses in:
Natural Sciences, Math, Computing, Business, Communication, Social Sciences and Humanities.

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