Combined with a world class curriculum that incorporates industry-relevant courses in tandem with real-world scenarios and projects.

INTI graduates are highly employable and empowered to make a positive difference from day one.

Jocelyn Chan

F&B Assistant Manager at Changi Cove Hotel, Singapore

Course of study at INTI:
Diploma in Hotel Management

I chose INTI because of its good resources as well as reputation, and the career I’m in because of the enthusiasm I have for people-oriented industries. I love working, because being able to do what you’re passionate about is the best thing ever.

[showhide type=”alumni1″ more_text=”Read more” less_text=”Hide”]There were definitely times where I thought I’d fail but I overcame it by moving forward, and continuously rising no matter how many times I failed. To be a successful leader in today’s world, you need to be able to inspire, connect, be willing to commit, and be passionate. My advice to fellow students would be to never be afraid of venturing out of your comfort zone.[/showhide]

Tharshan A/L Mokonan

Job title:
Bellman at Sheraton Hotel, Petaling Jaya

Course of study:
Bachelor of Business (International Hotel and Resort Management) 3+0 in collaboration with Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School at Torrens University, Australia

I chose INTI because they have all the facilities a Hospitality student needs, and it prepares us well for the real working environments. INTI also has experienced lecturers to lead students, which shows they are up to Blue Mountain’s standards. Their many workshops such as resume writing and grooming standards helped me prepare for interviews and the workplace.

[showhide type=”alumni2″ more_text=”Read more” less_text=”Hide”]Once I graduated, I managed to get a job at Sheraton, Petaling Jaya within a month. Interviews went smoothly because the workshops I attended at INTI prepared me for them. I was able to get a job thanks to the experiences I gained during my internship at a 5-star hotel, and that internship was the one I got with INTI’s help. The Degree I obtained from INTI also played an important role as the certificate was well recognized. During my 2 years of degree life, there were moments where I felt like giving up. But my course mates and lecturers were always there for me, encouraging and helping me complete my degree at INTI.

My advice to fellow students would be to always prioritize accordingly. Always plan ahead, be organized, then it’ll enable you 24 hours to have sufficient time to do good work, have time for family or personal matters, and sleep. Learn about innovations in your area, about the other functions within a company, or about something completely different because this makes you more valuable to your organizations. Continuous learning only has benefits, and no downsides.[/showhide]

Aiyona Dessi Dausip

Worked at:
Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa Kota Kinabalu

Course of study at INTI:
Diploma in Hotel Management – Work Based Learning

In career wise, hospitality has a wide range of good opportunities when it comes to finding a job. Although, it may sound or look tough, but I really do enjoy the enthusiasm during work especially when you are getting into the zone and understood the drill.

[showhide type=”alumni3″ more_text=”Read more” less_text=”Hide”]At that moment, I tend to feel needed during a certain task and I get to show people what I’ve got and what I can offer, either in knowledge aspect or communication skills. Besides that, working in hospitality industry can give me the opportunity to talk to people while at the same time building my own self confidence and self-esteem.[/showhide]

Lueders Del Jenam

Worked at:
Ethiopian Airlines

Course of study at INTI:
Bachelor of Business (International Hotel and Resort Management) 3+0 in collaboration with Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School at Torrens University, Australia

I’ve been with INTI ever since my Diploma days in INTI College Sarawak, after my dad brought me to one of their open days. Five years of studying at INTI brought out the best in me in terms of my PR skills, presentation skills, professional attitude, and knowledge of the wide range of Hospitality services.

[showhide type=”alumni4″ more_text=”Read more” less_text=”Hide”]SOHOS prioritised a hands-on approach when it came to learning. No matter how theoretical a subject was, our well-informed and bubbly lecturers found ingenious ways to create an activity out of it. This enabled us to gain a deeper understanding of the particular subject or topic. Our lecturers were very good at creating an atmosphere of healthy competition between the students to bring out our best.

Personally, I loved the blended learning approach. We were allowed to complete a given task or assignment anywhere, be it at home or in a café. This takes the stress away from our studies. Besides, everybody needs a break from the college environment at some one point.[/showhide]

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