Combined with a world class curriculum that incorporates industry-relevant courses in tandem with real-world scenarios and projects.

INTI graduates are highly employable and empowered to make a positive difference from day one.

E Pui Shin

Interned at:
Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru Resort and Spa, Kota Kinabalu

Course of study at INTI:
Diploma in Hotel Management (Work-based learning)

Most of my relatives and friends recommended INTI to me and I enrolled because of their feedback. I like INTI because it is famous in Kota Kinabalu and they offer a lot of programmes for students to choose from. I chose the career that I’m in today because I intend to work in different countries in the future, so I am starting from the lowest rank within the industry. I feel good meeting new guests or friends while I’m working. There was definitely a time when I thought I would fail. Despite my supervisor only teaching me how to input guest details into the operating system once, she expected me to update a large amount of guest reservations. I spent a lot of time confused, but I managed to catch up by observing my other colleagues whenever I was in doubt.

I believe a successful leader is self-confident, tolerant, and is capable of solving problems. My advice to students on the brink of entering the working world is to try to learn as much as you can from your internships.

Natasia Loi Fang Ting

Interned at:
Le Meridien, Kota Kinabalu

Course of study:
Diploma in Hotel Management (Work-based learning)

The location is the first thing that attracted me to INTI. I didn’t need to fly over to Kuala Lumpur to pursue a Diploma in Hotel Management thanks to the branch in Sabah. And the friendliness of the lecturers, staff and classmates at INTI College Sabah made it feel like my second home. I chose a career in hospitality because of the massive job opportunities. Even with the economic crisis, the hospitality industry is still one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Also, because I am a very outgoing person; I really like meeting different kinds of people and learning different kinds of things from them.

I have fun working by always getting motivated to face the day, as a positive attitude makes you more productive, and the day more pleasant. I also make sure to relax whenever I’m free. During times of self-doubt, I get motivated by mom’s efforts to cheer me up. Sharing and finding the right motivator is very important because the wrong person could destroy your future. To be a successful leader in today’s world, you need to be passionate, practical, and possess a positive attitude.

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