The impact of Engineering on the advancement of civilisation is innumerable. From the processors that run our smartphones, to the power plants that keep our cities lit, to the skyscrapers that seem to touch the sky and planes that travel across continents daily, the mastery and application of engineering affects and improves every aspect of how we work, live, connect and travel.

As new technologies come into play so do new possibilities that arise for the next generation of engineers. By mastering the study and application of the art and science of Engineering, you can improve every aspect of life itself while enjoying a successful career anywhere in the world. Secure the blueprint for your future and build your career with INTI.

Structured Internships

As they will be a part of a highly practical discipline, engineers require extensive hands on experience for their career advancement.

INTI students from every engineering specialisation are given the opportunity to participate in highly structured internships and gain actual insights into the intensive work environment of engineers. INTI’s accredited industry partners include Motorola, Intel, Keysight, ASE, Inari, Venture, Lumileds, Knowles, Ceedec, Aemulus, B. Braun, SAM, Osram, Solarvest and more. Through these close collaborations with established employers, students gain invaluable work experiences even before they graduate and acquire the confidence and exposure they need to prepare them for working life.

Employer Projects

Throughout the course of their work, engineers often interact with professionals from other fields and across various disciplines, while working under challenging conditions.

To prepare them for the working world, students from INTI are assigned employer projects that span a three month period and reflect actual engineering challenges encountered by today’s global companies.

During this time, students will work with a multi-disciplinary team of fellow engineers and other professionals to fulfil their assigned employer project. To date, INTI graduates have completed major projects with companies such as Motorola Solutions, Intel, Keysight, Robert Bosch, QAV, Knowles Electronics, Flex and many more. Upon completion of these projects, students are given the opportunity to present their findings to their employers, including senior management teams from the organisation. Many of these employers have also gone on to implement the solutions presented, testifying to the quality and capabilities of INTI students. Exceptional students who excel during their employer projects are often offered positions even before they graduate.

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