Staff professional development is an on-going faculty initiatives to develop staff knowledge, skills and abilities in inspiring students through teaching. Through this initiatives, staff and students are exposed to practical and interdisciplinary experience maintaining a competitive edge.

Realistic Curriculum by Industry Professionals

To ensure students are job-ready on graduation, the curriculum is regularly vetted and assessed based on input from industry representatives.

INTI also holds an annual Industry Advisory Board where invited leaders and employers give their input in regards to the needs of the working world and what the industry needs from graduates. This is reflected in the curriculum, with students given regular exposure via realistic work projects with employers as well as international study tours and field trips where they can gain further exposure and insight.

Students were able to visit world-famous centers of design in South East Asia & the UK. Due to the rigorously intense curriculum, classes are kept small to ensure maximum effectiveness for students. Students are also granted access to an international virtual classroom where invited lecturers worldwide are able to teach remotely to offer truly world-class education under one roof.

Extensive interdisciplinary projects with employers

Students are given extensive exposure to real world projects during the course of their programme along with the opportunity to work with fellow students from different artistic disciplines.

In 2018, students from the fashion design programme were selected as Royale Demure designers to work on the MF Cosmetique launching project. The Royale Demure is the first crowdfunding platform in Malaysia that is specific to fashion design collection.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has also collaborated with INTI, working with students to accomplish a revamp of their PJCC office which now enjoys eye-catching, attractive visuals that mirror the values of the organisation. INTI is also a regular participant at Malaysian Fashion Week and two students won 1st and 2nd runner up in the Aspiring Competition category.

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