Combined with a world class curriculum that incorporates industry-relevant courses in tandem with real-world scenarios and projects.

INTI graduates are highly employable and empowered to make a positive difference from day one.

Alfred Phua Hong Fook

Completed Foundation in Design, progressed into Bachelor of (Hons) Graphic Design degree,
in Collaboration with Sheffield Hallam University, UK in INTI International College Subang.

Art expresses itself in many forms. I enjoy music and dance but it is the visual arts and photography that interest me most. Pictures, albeit silent, speak in volumes. Each photo and every art piece tells a unique story that inspired the artist. It is the manifestation of its creator’s creative thoughts.

When I first started this course, I often doubted my decision to pursue my studies in this field. I question by reminding myself that I chose this course because I enjoy designing. I should not overthink and instead turn the rejection I received as motivation to further improve. Eventually, all my efforts paid off and my doubts resolved themselves when I saw the brightest smiles on my parents’ faces the day they came to campus to see me receive an award for being on the Dean’s List.

Esther Ng Luan Boon

Completed Certificate in Art & Design, progressed into Diploma in Interior Design in INTI International College Subang

Art is a beautiful form that express themselves with full of creativity, imaginary and emotional power. I have always been interested in art and design ever since I was young. Interior Design and architecture design inspired me the most and I’ve chose to pursue my studies in Interior Design because I feel that it’s really interesting and challenging and I like the challenge.

Besides that in this field we tend to learn and gain different skills and knowledge in Interior Design because Interior designing is a multifaceted profession. I had faced a lot of challenges and I have always overcome them by thinking big.

I always set the goals that I would like to achieve and working hard towards achieving it. Besides that, always focus on the positive things that helps me get things done. In the fullness of time, all my hard work paid off and I achieved the goals that I set for myself. I made my parents proud as all the hard work and effort I put resulted in me receiving an award for being a Dean’s List student.

Shawn Lee Yun Yu

Bespoke Tailor / Pattern Drafter, Club Men Shop
Diploma In Fashion Design

I’m interested in fashion and would like to design exclusive and unique pieces for customers. I was a Bespoke Tailor at Club Men Shop to gain experience in menswear. I am currently working as a merchandiser and designer in an OEM company which has provided me with great exposure in the clothing manufacturing business.

I first heard about INTI from my cousin who are previously pursue his study in diploma in interior design. Then, I get to know more about INTI after visited their booth in education fair. By taking this course for 2.5 years helped me to understand further about the knowledge of sewing, drawing, coloring and pattern drafting. INTI also give us various industry related activities and projects to prepare us on-ground experience before entering the real world.

Teoh Jia Ni

Freelance Designer
Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design, Sheffield Hallam University

I am always passionate about design and wanted to be a designer one day. After completed my diploma and working in design industry, I’ve decided to continue my degree that is offered by INTI. Internship in BBDO until March and responsible for graphic design work including conceptualisation, developments and enhancements of marketing material. Working with clients such as U mobile, Mountain Dew, Guardian, Wringleys, etc. ICAD managed to invite the people from the design industry such as BBDO Advertising Agency, Liselle, Omd Media Agency over to give a talk and sharing session to the students.

The idea of blended learning is great to ease the communication problem of lecturers and students. Students are more freely to handle their submission of their projects. More stress-free compare to sitting in the class whole day where you can do your assignments at home or somewhere you’re more comfortable in.

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