INTI offers exclusive franchise degrees and dual award degree programmes in partnership with some of the world’s highest rated universities.

These partnerships help to enhance your academic credentials and offer you access to some of the most established institutions of higher learning globally.

The University of Adelaide


The School of Biological Sciences, the University of Adelaide was formed in 2015 to coordinate and consolidate the University’s cutting edge and world-class research and teaching in Ecology & Environmental Science; Genetics & Evolution; and Molecular & Cellular Biology. The School has more than 600 people in research, teaching and support staff, postgraduates, and honours students. World-class research and teaching is conducted in the School of Biological Sciences which covers a range of subject matter notable in its breadth and scale.

The University of Queensland


The University of Queensland understands that academic interests are as diverse as their students. They provide choices to give you flexibility in your learning process. The programmes offered at the University of Queensland examine the use of microorganisms, plants, and animals for discovery, understanding, improvement and development of viable products or activities, and protection of the intellectual property associated with biotechnology inventions. The discipline combines elements from many areas, such as molecular genetics, microbiology, immunology, physics, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, and business.

University of South Australia


The School offers undergraduate programmes in pharmacy, pharmaceutical science (including a double degree in pharmaceutical science/pharmacy), nutrition and food sciences, medical science, and the only laboratory medicine degree to be fully accredited by the Australian Institute of Medical Scientists in South Australia. The School has strong links to the Sansom Institute for Health Research bringing together internationally recognised research concentrations in quality use of medicines, molecular and cell biology, drug development, cancer research, pharmaceutical science, neuroscience and nutrition and dietetics.

University of Leeds

United Kingdom

The Faculty of Biological Sciences at the University of Leeds have a long-established reputation in delivering research-led student education with a strong suite of programmes covering biological sciences with a continued portfolio development being informed by an active Industrial Advisory Board. Our teaching and research are delivered via three Schools – School of Biology, School of Biomedical Sciences and School of Molecular and Cellular Biology. We are a leading faculty within the life sciences in terms of our research power, subject diversity and interdisciplinarity, for example, through our contributions to the internationally renowned Astbury Centre, medical research and emerging Global Food and Environment Institute.

University of Essex

United Kingdom

At Essex you can study a wide and exciting range of subjects including biomedical science, marine biology, biochemistry, biological sciences, genetics, or genomics. The curriculum is constantly evolving, so you have the freedom to explore what interests you most from its diverse selection of modules. Whatever you choose, the University equips you with everything you need to build a successful and satisfying career.

Study Tours

INTI offers study tours for qualified students to other institutions around the world.

This provides them with a taste of life abroad and allows them to gain international experiences both academically and culturally.

Semester Abroad Programme

This programme allows student to experience an academic semester in a university of their choice.

Qualified students get to experience campus life in another part of the world, learn a new culture and build memories to last a lifetime.

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