A Biotechnology graduate is able to contribute their talents across a diverse scope of industries ranging from manufacturing, the service industry and even environmental management.

In medicine, an INTI Biotechnology and Life Sciences graduate is able to produce and enhance the production of antibiotics and vaccines to cure diseases. In agriculture, graduates are able to contribute by helping to genetically engineer and create more resilient, better crops and livestock to resolve food shortages. In forensics, INTI biotechnologists have contributed towards the goal of bringing criminals to justice by offering detailed analysis of genetic material at crime scenes.

A rigorous industry relevant curriculum along with extensive opportunities for internship programmes with the world’s leading biotechnology and molecular bioscience companies ensures that graduates remain at the forefront of the latest developments with exceptional employability. Make your mark and contribute to science and humanity in a meaningful way.

Industry Connections and Networking

Learn directly and gain real-world knowledge from the industry.

Our strong partnerships with businesses and employers offer you the opportunities to take part in Employer Projects and field trips, all of which will stand you in good stead when you graduate. At INTI, it is simply more than just studying life under a microscope as we will get you ready for the working world.

Career-Ready Internship Programme

Partnering with biotechnology and molecular bioscience companies, we provide you an excellent opportunity to put all your theoretical knowledge and laboratory skills to good use, and acquaint yourself with the industry’s stringent requirements; hence, boosting your employability.

Elevate You Education Experience

If you pursue an Australian Degree Transfer Programme (Science) or Bachelor of Biotechnology (Hons), you can choose to transfer to a reputable, highly-ranked university in Australia, such as the University of Adelaide, University of New South Wales and University of Queensland; or in the United Kingdom, such as the University of Southampton and Newcastle University.

Proven Record Of Excellence

Our Australian Degree Transfer Programme has been consistently successful in producing First-Class and Upper Secondclass degree holders in the field of Biotechnology and Life Sciences. On hand to guide you to your success is a team of academicians and industry professionals who are highly dedicated and experienced.

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