Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Data Science (by Research)

Doctor of Philosophy in Data Science is a full research programme, which enables students to focus on specific areas of research while placing a strong emphasis on self-directed work.

INTI Programmes for Working Professionals PhD 4 years (PT), 3 years (FT) From RM 59,796

This programme aims to develop data science experts and leaders with positive attitudes and values who will become a catalyst for the nation’s aspiration towards an innovative community and using science and technology as a tool for sustainable management and development.

Data science is a field that works with a large amount of data and uses cutting-edge tools and techniques to uncover hidden patterns which aids the business processes specifically in the decision-making process. Data science leverages on advanced statistical predictive analyses and machine learning. Data Scientist has been ranked among the best jobs since 2016.



  • Research Methodology
  • Proposal Defence
  • Research Thesis Supervision
  • Students are required to produce a minimum 40,000-word thesis for fulfilment of the graduation requirement
  • Must publish a minimum of one paper in an international journal
  • Viva Voce in the final year
Campus Local Students International Students
INTI International University Approx. RM 59,796 Approx. RM 59,796
  • A Master’s Degree in the field or related fields accepted by the HEP Senate; or
  • Other qualifications equivalent to a Master’s Degree recognised by the Government of Malaysia; and at least Master’s or Bachelor’s in Computing / Information Technology / Information Systems
  • For Doctoral Degree by Research as stated in the MQA Standards for Master’s and Doctoral Degree:
    • There shall be no direct entry from Bachelor’s Degree to Doctoral Degree level.
    • Candidates with Bachelor’s Degree who are registered for Master’s Degree programmes may apply to convert their candidacy to the Doctoral Degree programmes within ONE year after Master’s Degree registration, subjected to:
      • Having shown competency and capability in conducting research at Doctoral Degree level;
      • Rigorous internal assessment by the HEP; and
      • Approval by the HEP Senate.
  • Meet any of one the following English language requirements:
    • A Master’s Degree conducted in English*; or
    • Credit 6 in MCE / SPM / GCE level; or
    • IELTS score of 6.0; or
    • Equivalent score from any of the above obtained at undergraduate level at a recognised university*.

* A copy of the document from the university is required during submission as proof of English proficiency

Any other qualification with relevant working experience will be subject to approval by the Senate.

Note: International students are subject to meet entry requirements that reflect similar qualifications and experience as stated above.
To find country-specific entry requirements visit our international entry requirement page

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Note: International students are subject to placement guidelines. Please check with a student counsellor.

Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Project Manager, System Engineer, Enterprise Manager, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Machine Learning Scientist, Applications Architect, Enterprise Architect, Data Architect, Infrastructure Architect, Data Engineer, Compliance Associate, Business Research Consultant and more.

Accredited by
INTI International University: (N/0613/8/0001)(03/27)(MQA/PA15291)

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