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Gwendolynn Ann Jie Lin Samuel

Job Title:
Planning Executive, Property Queen

Course of study at INTI:
University of Hertfordshire’s Bachelor’s in Mass Communication programme, 3+0 Bachelor of Mass Communications,University of Hertfordshire, UK. at INTI

“The programme gave me an unbeatable “all-in-one” experience. INTI’s mass communication club opened up many channels and I was able to participate in campus life fully through singing, performing, and developing my social networking, marketing, and communication skills. The course also gave me many opportunities to meet new people, particularly industry leaders who gave me invaluable insights into my chosen field.

Even after office hours, I could contact them on our WhatsApp group, email, and online support system. The blended learning style, which is a combination of conventional face-to-face and online learning, was a terrific time-saver especially for someone like me, who juggles part-time jobs and studying. I was thrilled to be under the wings of veteran deejay Priscilla Patrick. Although it was a short stint, the chance to observe what goes on behind the scenes at a live radio station was priceless. Another unforgettable milestone was taking part in Miss Hard Rock Penang in 2014.

INTI actually sponsored me all the way to Bali to represent Penang for the South East Asian round where I was named the champion! While studying and working, I have found that life is about making tough choices and sacrifices, but putting my studies ahead of everything else was crucial. Remember to also make time for your loved ones as you won’t know how much time you’ll have with them.”

Justin Wong Zhe Xuan

Job Title:

Course of study at INTI:
Diploma in Mass Communication at INTI International University

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a strong interest in videography and photography. The pursuit of my studies at INTI was instrumental in showing me that I could be a professional at it. The excellent subject modules and highly-motivated lecturers helped me realize that my passion could be turned into a viable career, not just a hobby or pastime! I’m especially indebted to Mr Khairul, whose strict marking metrics helped me to be more critical of my work, and as a result, become even better at it. My peers and I did! I was the organising chairperson for a high profile event called Fiction 21, where we invited international artistes like Yuna to perform at the event. We succeeded in securing sponsors to fund our event all by ourselves, without relying on our seniors or lecturers’ direct help! I also actively participated in competitions like the Berjaya Short Film Competition, the BMW Shorties and the Sime Darby Arts Festival Photography Competition for which I emerged as the champion.

Throughout the programme, we had the chance to participate in meaningful projects that not only sharpened our skills, and boosted our self-confidence, but had real social impact. One such project was a series of videos and articles for disabled entrepreneurs through our class project for Founders’ Method. If you leave an impact on people, it would really help you in the future. I made full use of my time in INTI to network with people, socialize, make friends, and make connections. For example, I’ve left an impression on lecturers and my classmates that I’m a hard worker, a determined person, and skillful in camera techniques. Two years on, I’m getting regular job offers because of that first impression. Whenever they need a photographer or videographer, the first person that comes to their mind is me!”

Tan Sze Shuen

Job Title:
Newsreader cum Broadcast Journalist at 8TV Mandarin News Department, Media Prima

Course of study at INTI:
Bachelor of Mass Communication at INTI International University

“My three years here were an invaluable eye-opener on the dynamic media industry. That’s because many of my lecturers are industry experts with work experience and held reputable roles in the media industry. Because we had already been taught the relevant components by insiders, it was never a problem for me to assimilate smoothly into any role or task, when I finally had to engage with real issues in the real world.

The best memories about my university days were the many events that gave me a chance to take leadership roles, work in teams and polish skills I never had – such as negotiation skills! One of the most memorable projects I took part in was to secure sponsorships for NGOs. Exceeding my own expectations, I was able to successfully raise a few thousand ringgit! During my practical coursework, participating in newspaper and public relations campaigns helped me master a variety of skills which helped me adapt quickly in the ever-evolving communications industry.”

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