Managing Your Social Groups in University

August 3, 2021

Stepping into the age of higher education poses opportunities to discover for new college students about others as well as themselves. Some of these new students even experience culture shock when they meet others who express themselves differently than what’s expected of them. It is important to not just tolerate diversity in university, but also to accept and understand students coming from diverse backgrounds. Diversityamong students is not about noticing differences but about embracing uniqueness.

A group of college students using laptop at INTI


In university, it’s all about achieving a good balance between socialising, studying and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Having a good balance of these can help with mental and physical well-being. A factor that influences this is the people you surround yourself with. There are several college social groups that you may establish in universities such as study groups, sports groups, party and hangout groups, university student clubs and more. 

Why You Can’t Mix Them 

When you have the same people from your party group in your study group, you will end up discussing where you should go next instead of discussing your assignments and vice versa. Besides that, the blending of different people from different groups into one mix as well as oil and water. Unless it’s mutual ground, at least one party will feel the awkwardness seeping in. Your social clubs in university benefit you most when they are separated. There is no bad blood and it’s mostly just having different plans.

Purpose of Each Group 

Each group has its own purpose. Party and hangout groups often consist of the same people — those closest to you and whom you find enjoyment in their company. This group is most active for relaxation, possibly after an exam or during your semester break. Besides that, there’s also the study group. This group is a gathering of students who want to focus mainly on studying for exams, assignments or any academic tasks. They usually don’t keep close contact with each other unless it involves academic queries or issues. There are also student groups such as sports clubs, general and academic clubs, cultural societies, special interest clubs and more university student clubs at INTI. Each group should perform at its main purpose without letting other groups of yours influence them in order to maintain harmony within your routine.

How to Manage Them 

How you manage your social groups depends on how you manage your time. Weekends could be for your hangout groups and friends, while weekdays should revolve around your study groups. Basically, university social clubs are for whenever scheduled and any extra time in between can be for yourself.

Student groups are evidently important for more than just socialising. They keep us focused on our priorities and give us a sense of discipline. INTI Education Counselling Centres provide future students with education pathway choices, student registration and application services. Click here to reach out to us today!