Pre-University and Foundation Studies, which has grown by a remarkable 40% in terms of student enrolment across INTI this year, is set for further expansion with the introduction of Centres of Excellence at INTI’s campuses.


Brainchild of Mary Ng, INTI‘s Vice President of Pre-U, the proposed Centres of Excellence will have full time teaching staff dedicated to Pre-U education. Professional development will be central to their teaching career and would encompass student-centred teaching approaches, assessment and pedagogic skills, self evaluation, use of information and communications technology, and much more.


“The Centres of Excellence will also serve as platforms for teachers to build a mutual support network that promotes team building and bonding,” said Ng who has plans for similar centres at INTI‘s Nilai, Penang, Kuching and Subang Jaya campuses.


As a former educator who now operates at the management level, Ng knows her priorities well. “When I was a teacher, my students were very important to me. Now that I do not have direct contact with students, I want my teachers to place importance on the well-being of their students and make sure that they are successful,” she said.


For Ng, instilling good values and morals in students is just as important as helping them to achieve good results and good university placements. “Teaching is more than a job – it is a calling. As teachers, we can teach much about character building, but if it is not ‘caught’ it is not ‘taught’. One must have the right character to be a good example to students and to make a difference in their lives,” she added.


At INTI, students can select either the Cambridge A-Level, South Australian Matriculation (SAM) or New South Wales Higher School Certificate (NSW HSC) programme for a passport to further education globally or pursue INTI’s homegrown degree programmes. The qualifications are accepted by universities in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the USA, Canada and other countries as well as Malaysian private universities for entry into popular degree courses in medicine, pharmacy, engineering, business, IT and more.


The A-Level is one of the most widely recognised qualifications around the world. For over 50 years, A-Level has been accepted as proof of academic ability for entry into institutions including Ivy League universities in the US, Oxford and Cambridge in the UK, and the Group of Eight universities in Australia.


SAM is a one-year matriculation programme equivalent to Year 12 of education in Australia and is currently the most popular Australian-based pre-university programme in Malaysia.


Comparable with A-Level and SAM is NSW HSC which can be completed in 11 months. A wide range of subjects is available in the sciences and humanities, and students may combine subjects from the two for broader options in tertiary studies.


Growing in popularity alongside INTI’s homegrown degree programmes are its Foundation Programmes with specialization in Arts, Business Information Technology and Engineering / Science. The Foundation in Arts Programme is specifically designed to prepare students for the fields of mass communication and business communication. The Foundation in Business Information Technology Programme opens the door to INTI degree programmes in Business or IT. Students of the Foundation Programme (Engineering / Science) can choose either the Engineering pathway or Science pathway. Those who successfully complete the programme in the Science option can opt for direct entry into INTI International University’s Health Sciences degree programmes.


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   Students of INTI’s Pre-U and Foundation programmes are assured of the best support services at all times.