Immersing themselves in a fun-filled learning environment created by one of Malaysia’s top graduate employers, a group of INTI Education Group students quickly learned the fundamentals of excelling in the competitive job market.


Audit, tax and advisory services specialist KPMG, through a team of experienced and qualified trainers, set the students on a team building mission on INTI International University grounds. The goal was to instill career-enhancing qualities in the participants such as leadership, team work, creative thinking and communication skills. Through exciting games and tasks, which included building a chair with newspapers, the students explored their potentials as outstanding leaders and team players.


“The students were very passionate, competitive and outspoken,” said Loh Ken Ming, KPMG’s Officer for Campus Recruitment and Internship. “Many of them have exceptional qualities that will enhance their employability, and with the correct drive and passion they can become highly productive employees.”


KPMG, which ranks fourth in GRADAsia’s Most Popular Graduate Employers 2009 list, also presented its Senior Partner, Siew Chin Kiang, for a live session with the students. Siew shared his perspective and knowledge on the industry and provided useful advice for getting ahead of the competition in the demanding job market.


“This was something really different from your normal class assignment,” said Jerrod Jan Chun Wai, a participant in the team building exercise. “When you work with others in a team, you learn not only the art of communicating but also of compromising.”


The session with KPMG was part of INTI‘s Enrolment to Employment (E2E) initiative to bring industry into the classroom and help shape students into becoming more employable upon graduation. Guest speakers from industry and academia visit INTI to share their insights and expertise with students and staff on a regular basis.


Students of the INTI Education Group benefit not only from the years of experience and strong track-record that INTI offers, but also gain from the global synergy and resources that Laureate International Universities provides. INTI is part of Laureate, the world’s largest private education network with a presence in 24 countries, with more than 50 accredited campus-based and online universities and 130 campuses, serving 600,000 students globally.


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  Students bombard one another with water bombs as part of the team building games prepared by KPMG.