Shades of red ranging from the crimson of blood to the scarlet of flames coloured the creations of PJ College of Art & Design (PJCAD)’s Fashion Design students in a spell-binding display named The Day of God’s Wrath.


17 young designers under the masterful tutelage of fashion maestro Es Azren, Head of Fashion & Industry at PJCAD, have produced a collection of avant-garde apparel inspired by apocalyptic imagery in popular media and mythology.


Their creations, a line of women’s wear with matching headgear and footwear, consist of dresses and attires that are luxurious, elegant, feminine and sensual all at once. The intensity of colours and styles mirrors the highly-charged theme of the event.


“It is thrilling to see how the students introduced their vision of the apocalypse by using hues usually associated with conflict and chaos,” said Es Azren, Head of Fashion & Industry at PJCAD. “They are bringing new perspectives and outlooks to the local fashion scene with their highly innovative and exciting creations.”


One of Malaysia’s premier specialist private art and design institutions, PJCAD nurtures and guides every student until their inherent potential is unlocked with creative input from its team of industry-trained instructors who ensure that every student will become versatile, adaptable and able to understand the volatile demands of the industry.


As a leader in creative education for 25 years, PJCAD’s career-focused programmes in Graphic Design, Interior Design, Interactive Multimedia and Animation Design, Industrial Design, Fashion Design and Technology, and Design Management and Innovation leverage on global best practices, innovation and resources to provide a truly world-class education.


“At PJCAD, we demolish the mental barriers of these young designers and open new dimensions for them to explore, while consistently exposing and encouraging them to experiment through which they learn the aspects of designing through visual judgment,” said Es Azren.


He added that this method ensures that students will have a firm foundation in research, design methodology and practical skills in drawing, communications and fashion design.


PJCAD is a member of INTI, which in turn is a part of Laureate International Universities – the world’s largest private education network. Students considering PJCAD will not only benefit from the years of experience and strong track-record that INTI offers, but also gain from the global synergy and resources that Laureate provides. Laureate is present in over 24 countries, and serves more than 600,000 students globally.

  Owlish: A striking portend of styles to come.   Savage: A dress that exemplifies a collection not for the faint-hearted.   Spicy: A model makes a heart-stopping statement with hot pants and sleeveless top.