Curb your complaints: a friendly reminder from INTI this National Day

September 2, 2016

With National Day fast approaching, INTI International University & Colleges has released a music video titled National Day 2016 – So, What is Your Complaint?


The video centers around a social media experiment featuring random Malaysians who were asked what they thought has changed over the last 59 years since Malaysia achieved her independence.

What followed from the experiment was a series of complaints about the weather, food prices and parking difficulties in the country. Taking on a lighter note, INTI decided to turn the responses into a friendly public service announcement, reminding our fellow countrymen why we should look at the true spirit of being Malaysian this National Day.

The video features the artistic talents and collaboration of Ashtin, a local rap artist; the incredible vocals of jazz singer, Danisa Komari; and five-time Malaysian beat boxing champion, Cody ‘Coex’ Foo.


“The diversity of these three musical talents reflect the many talents of our country and the amazing outcomes we can achieve when we bring our capabilities and ideas together. Music, like sports, is one of the great unifying factors of the country and has reflected many of our milestones, including songs such as Sudirman’s famous ‘Tanggal 31’, the ‘Jalur Gemilang’ and Ella’s ‘Eyes of the World.’ ?

”We therefore wanted to create a meaningful song that conveyed the importance of being proud to be Malaysian, and to remind people of how far we have come over the last 59 years. The amazing talents of Ashtin, Danisa and Cody Foo, who are the voice of today’s generation reflect those achievements and we are pleased to have worked with them on this National Day video,” shared Timothy Johnson, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Products & Partnerships at INTI International University & Colleges.

The music video was recorded in collaboration with Keep It Local Entertainment, a local music production company which encourages independent, young artists to share their talents through various platforms and encourages Malaysians to support these local acts.

As part of the song, the video also carries the hashtag #I’mProudToBeMalaysian, aimed to encourage social media users to spread the pride that comes along with being a Malaysian.

The video, released on the evening of August 30th, 2016 has already attracted the attention of social media users, especially with its unique collaboration of jazz, beatboxing and catchy rap lyrics, and has garnered over 13,000 views and 100 shares via it’s Facebook page.?

Song Title: National Day 2016 – So, What is Your Complaint?
Artists: Ashtin Sanjiv, Danisa Komari, & Cody Foo
YouTube Link:
Song Lyrics:

I pray for peace and humanity,
We’re a country that’s multi-cultured,
Therefore we need equality.
Plus what we need is unity.
I turn on the news and what I see is buffoonery.
Some are too wealthy,
Some are barely coping.
Close minded people should be more open,
Some go through pain, we got to do something.
Some only complain, but really do nothing.
But that’s better than staying in silence,
Crime rate’s elevating, what’s with the violence.
Young ones, control your mannerisms,
And also teach them to say No, to gangsterism.
Some work 9 to 5, some try to survive,
Some fight for the country with national pride.
I seek positivity and not negativity,
Shout out to those who give back to the society. ?

Food for thought, some could serve a feast,
Although we are far from freedom of speech,
I urge you to practice what you preach.
And be the change that you want to see.
It’s Ashtin spreading raps throughout the nation,
I say it out loud – I’m proud to be Malaysian.
It’s Ashtin spreading raps throughout the nation,
I say it out loud – I’m proud to be Malaysian.
Now that I’m older, I’ve come to realize,
The only thing that I can change is my own self,
Then suddenly I realized, if only yesterday I had changed myself,
I could have had an effect on family.
My family could have had an effect on my town,
We could have had an effect on our city,
And that’s when I realised, I could have played a part,
I could have played a part, in changing our country.
I say it out loud – I’m proud to be Malaysian.