These days, information can be searched for with a few clicks of a mouse and the latest news can be shared and disseminated across the world within minutes of it happening, thanks to the power of mass communication. Mass Communication will train you in an array of disciplines that enables you to master the ability to craft and share messages with a global audience.

INTI offers various courses ranging from Diploma in Mass Communication to a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication, offered in collaboration with the University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. Students who pursue this degree will also have the option to complete their programme entirely in Malaysia or, optionally, to transfer their credits and continue their studies at the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom.

Practical Experiences & Industry Relevant Curriculum

In keeping to INTI’s educational philosophy of ensuring that students receive an industry-relevant curriculum with extensive opportunities to gain practical experiences, INTI integrates a diverse array of practical course-related activities as well as a faculty that consists of experienced, industry-trained professionals.

Students are also granted collaborative internship opportunities at Malaysia’s leading media agencies to gain actual work experiences, as well as the prospects of working on employer projects with fellow students to solve real-world challenges such as developing an ad campaign from the ground up and presenting it before management teams for the organisation they work with.

Study Trips & Visits

Students who are contemplating the option to complete their course at the University of Hertfordshire, UK can attend an elective study trip where they can attend lectures and tutorials as well as gain exposure to the vibrant and dynamic culture there.

Students also visited the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) in a comprehensive one-day tour where they gained invaluable exposure to the technology and hardware used in broadcasting as well as insights into industry best practices.

Mass Communication Week

This student-run and initiated campus-wide annual event addresses key issues in media and communications.

Providing opportunities for students to develop their management and communication skills, students organise and implement the entire event from start to finish. In the past, the event welcomed some of Malaysia’s most important figures to share their insights on mass communication issues, with luminaries such as Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir taking the stage to speak at INTI International University in 2016. Other talented individuals who have also given talks include Datuk Jake Abdullah, the CEO of Astro Radio and Mark O’ Read, a celebrated host on 8TV.

Innovative, Industry-Relevant Learning

Our faculty consists of industry professionals who have proven themselves to be acknowledged masters in their respective fields.

This is also combined with a regularly assessed curriculum to ensure that every course is aligned with the needs of the industry. To enable students to maximise their learning experience, INTI employs the highly advanced Blackboard Learning Management System, allowing students and lecturers to interact with each other via curated forums online, revisit course content at any time and also allows students to identify areas for improvement via advanced analytics.

Fully Equipped Broadcasting Studio

Our campuses comes with fully equipped broadcasting studios that incorporate the latest technology. This includes a full array of microphones, lighting solutions and video recorders from reputable manufacturers such as Sony, Sennheiser and Lowel.

The studio also incorporates a comprehensive studio recording management system akin to that used in broadcasting stations worldwide that enables students to gain hands-on experience into the work that goes into creating TV productions for broadcasting. With this fully equipped station, students are able to create a diverse array of productions for course work ranging from live reporting to full-on video productions from start to finish.

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