A Study Trip to Taiwan that Inspires Business Acumen in Students

December 27, 2018

Taiwan has a growing start-up community that is producing exciting business models. With start-up incubators and accelerators and combined with new technology, Taiwan is set to become a learning model for its surrounding countries1.


In considering this factor, a group of ten students from various programmes at INTI International College Penang’s School of Business embarked on a ten-day-study trip to Taiwan, with the aim of being inspired with the integration of technology in doing business. This move is based on INTI’s 2015 Gen Z survey that discovered 37% of Gen Zs hope to turn their hobbies into a profession, while 31% want to be entrepreneurs.

Led by Mr Khor Kok Chin, a Head of Programme from INTI’s School of Business, students studying the Certificate in Business Studies, Diploma in Business, Diploma in Finance, Diploma in Mass Communication, and B.A. (Hons) Mass Communications programmes, visited Shih Chien University, Taiwan. Renowned for its international business, management and human ecology programmes, Shih Chien University which is located in the City of Taipei, welcomed INTI’s students with a series of activities arranged in its campus and around the city.


During the visit, INTI students participated in a field trip to Franz Collection, a local multinational corporation that produces porcelain items. Founded in 2001, the company, propelled by rich Chinese culture and evolving through new dynamic marketing strategies, designs, creates and markets a variety of functional and home décor accessories that are sold throughout the world. Continuing their study of local business set-ups, INTI students visited Kuo Yuan Ye Museum of Cake and Pastry, managed by Kuo Yuan-ye, one of the oldest food enterprises in Taiwan. Establishing modern production lines for bridal cakes, the company was instrumental in turning a new page in Taiwan’s pastry history.

1 https://startup.sme.gov.tw/taiwan-startup/