Bubur Lambuk Initiative Nurtures Community Ties

April 9, 2024

In the spirit of Ramadan, the Faculty of Business and Communications (FBC) at INTI International University, collaborating with staff and students, orchestrated a special bubur lambuk distribution event on 3 April. This gesture aimed to bolster community engagement and knit tighter bonds of unity by sharing 1,000 bowls of the traditional porridge with recipients in various locations, including health clinics, police departments, fire stations, and mosques within and around Nilai.

Mohd Wafiy Akmal Ahmad Khadri, a Faculty of Business and Communications lecturer, distributes freshly cooked bubur lambuk to people at Masjid Kota Seriemas.

Siti Nurbaayah Daud, Deputy Dean of FBC, reflected on the initiative, stating, “The bubur lambuk distribution event is a testament to our faculty members’ active involvement in the community. Beyond providing food, this engagement fostered meaningful interactions, from informal discussions to networking opportunities.” She added that it highlighted their dedication to social responsibility and the ongoing pursuit of a harmonious community.

The event showcased a vibrant celebration of Malaysian cultural heritage, promoting values of unity and inclusivity that are particularly meaningful during Ramadan. The event’s success can be attributed to the combined efforts of faculty members, students, and staff who volunteered to prepare and distribute the traditional Malaysian porridge.

Professor Dr Walton Wider, Head of Programme, and Dr Muhammad Suhaimi B. Mohd Yusof, a lecturer from the Faculty of Business and Communications, pass out containers of porridge at Dataran Nilai.

Professor Dr. Walton Wider, Head of Programme at FBC, shared his thoughts on the community’s response to the programme. He said, “The response to the programme has been overwhelmingly positive, with people expressing appreciation for its impact in fostering unity and compassion among individuals. Participants, recipients, students, staff, and others have all expressed sincere gratitude for the initiative’s role in strengthening community bonds.”

The organisers are committed to continuing the tradition of engaging with the local community in the future. These initiatives aim to establish strong relationships with the community and ensure that outreach efforts continue to benefit them in the future.