INTI Students Secure Coveted Spots at MIT

April 8, 2024

Ong Zhi Zheng and Wong Jer Ren, students from the Cambridge A Level (CAL) programme at INTI International College Penang, have secured spots at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), showcasing the high-quality education and supportive college environment provided by INTI. This significant achievement brings pride to INTI and shows its programmes’ global reach and effectiveness. It clearly demonstrates how INTI equips its students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the most competitive academic environments.

Ong Zhi Zheng and Wong Jer Ren’s journey to MIT was not just a result of their academic prowess but also a testament to their perseverance and dedication. As Zhi Zheng vividly recalls, “When early admissions were released, I was in the midst of a weekend-long national science experiment camp with the Association of Malaysian Alumni in the International Science Olympiads (AMISO). Jer Ren, also a member of AMISO, was my roommate. Due to a misunderstanding of time zones, we accessed the portal early, and to our surprise, confetti adorned the screen, signalling our acceptance to MIT.”

Ong Zhi Zheng delivered an inspiring commencement speech at the Cambridge A-Level Academic Awards ceremony at INTI International College Penang.

The moment was unforgettable as it symbolised their joint success and the collective excitement of their peers. Jer Ren expressed his feelings, “It was exciting to know that both Zhi Zheng and I were admitted to MIT, especially considering that MIT has only accepted one Malaysian undergraduate in the past four years.”

Their motivation to apply to MIT was deeply influenced by the institution’s reputation for fostering innovation and excellence. Zhi Zheng expressed his admiration for MIT’s legacy and unique educational approach, saying, “MIT is the alma mater to many great minds, and the special thing about MIT is how they not only excel in academia and research but also bridge the gap to innovation by encouraging a more hands-on approach.”

Jer Ren was inspired to attend MIT by the stories of its alumni and their contributions to society. “In the past, all I knew about MIT was that Suhaimi Ramly, the former head coach of the Malaysian IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad) Training, who has actively promoted the Olympiad within the Malaysian community for the greater good, was an MIT alumnus. Mr Suhaimi is an inspiring figure and was the first reason I wanted to attend MIT.”

Both students credit their success to INTI International College Penang’s nurturing and supportive environment. They expressed their gratitude to their lecturers for their guidance and support. Ong Zhi Zheng credited his mathematics lecturer, Ms. Ng Ci Xiang, and added, “I am excited to challenge myself not only in physics (which is my intended major) but also in Computer Science and Chemistry—both subjects that interest me deeply!”

Wong Jer Ren thanked the college’s faculty and said, “I am thrilled about MIT’s diverse course options and interdisciplinary collaborations. It will enable me to explore various realms, understand ongoing global challenges, and learn to tackle them with math.”

Ong Zhi Zheng and Wong Jer Ren’s journey from INTI International College Penang to MIT is a testament to the power of a supportive environment and encouragement. Their achievement will inspire and motivate future generations to pursue their dreams with the same dedication and enthusiasm.

Wong Jer Ren also gave a speech at the Cambridge A-Level Academic Awards ceremony.