INTI and Nanyang Siang Pau Collaborate on ESG Awareness Talk

April 9, 2024

INTI took a significant step towards a sustainable future by organising the Building Sustainable Futures: Nurturing ESG Awareness Talk in partnership with Nanyang Siang Pau on 20 March. Held at the Tan Siew Ying Auditorium, the event aimed to foster a deep understanding and commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices. Through compelling talks and discussions, participants were encouraged to adopt these practices for a sustainable future.

The event featured a panel of distinguished speakers, including Dr Cheah Kok Hoong, an Associate Practice Professor and President of the ESG Association of Malaysia; Song Kuok Thong, a Pro Vice-Chancellor (Social Impact) of INTI International University and a Certified ESG Practitioner; and Ew Yen Yen, an education reporter for Nanyang Siang Pau. The speakers shared their valuable insights to inspire and educate attendees, fostering a supportive atmosphere for learning and empowerment.

Dr Cheah Kok Hoong, President of the ESG Association of Malaysia, shared his thoughts on integrating ESG standards into education.

Dr Cheah Kok Hoong discussed the critical role of ESG in the present and the future, emphasising the essential link between purpose, profit, and sustainability. He advocated for integrating ESG standards into educational frameworks, stating, “If the focus isn’t on survivability and sustainability, survival becomes impossible.”

Echoing the event’s theme, Song Kuok Thong highlighted the necessity of developing ESG-focused mindsets among students and called for incorporating ESG principles into academic curriculums. He noted, “As educators, we have the potential to transform not only individual lives but also entire communities and societies.”

The talk covered the vital role of ESG principles in promoting sustainability, advocating for their integration into education and emphasising their transformative impact on future leaders.

In her session on ‘Fight Against Fake News,’ Ew Yen Yen discussed the dangers of misinformation and the importance of discernment. She connected the issue of fake news with broader themes of governance, regulation, and ethics.

The forum was attended by 277 participants, primarily students from the Southern New Hampshire (SNHU 4+0) program and the American Transfer Program (AUP). This high turnout emphasises the importance of ESG principles in fighting misinformation and preparing students for the future job market.

Ew Yen Yen, an education reporter from Nanyang Siang Pau, discussed fake news and its impact on governance, regulations, and ethical concerns.