The Benefits of Code Learning During IR 4.0

August 4, 2020

A programmer showing how coding works

A programmer showing how coding works.

Coding is one of the most sought-after digital skills and it gives a person an edge over others. Essentially, coding is putting instructions together for your computer to understand what it should do. Knowledge in coding helps you channel your creativity into creating digital products, either for yourself or for businesses that need them. Below are some of the benefits of code learning.

1. Building a Website

One of the fundamentals of basic programming is to learn how to code. A website is a collection of web pages that are usually linked together. When you have knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes, you’re able to build multiple web pages to create a website. Create your own website as a career portfolio for potential employers and recruiters to see. Besides that, you can earn a good income by building websites for business owners. With the current shift towards e-commerce these days, individuals who are familiar with website coding can pitch their skills in building custom e-commerce sites to companies.

2. Creating Mobile Apps

For most of us, we use different mobile applications for different functions. In other words, there will always be a demand for mobile apps as there’s an app for almost anything these days. For instance, mobile apps can range from entertainment, telemedicine to cooking lessons. If you’re keen on coding for mobile app development, you can find plenty of online coding classes that cater to beginners, intermediate and advanced learners.

3. Selling Your Digital Products to Companies

Turn your knowledge into money-generating assets! Once you’re familiar with coding, try your hand at making digital products like software, mobile applications or websites for companies who might benefit from them. Nowadays, employers are keen on outsourcing tech specialists instead of hiring in-house IT staff to save cost. This empowers independent code learners to freelance while having time for other obligations.

4. Landing a Lucrative Career in Computer Programming

In many cases, freelance developers eventually establish their credentials as credible programmers. There are also code learners who venture into the field of education. For example, Computer Science lecturers at colleges, and online tutors who design their own coding courses and programmes for those who want to learn coding online at their own pace.

If you’re serious about coding, take an online course or enrol in an IT university programme to build a solid understanding of how coding works. And more importantly, to learn how to implement that knowledge in real-life situations.

As part of our goal to achieve maximum employability for INTI graduates, we collaborated with Google Malaysia to offer Google Ignite, an online digital marketing programme that imparts the crucial fundamentals of digital marketing with optional advanced courses. Through INTI’s close ties with Microsoft, students enjoy access to the prestigious Microsoft Virtual Academy. This portal is designed and managed by Microsoft to offer cutting edge courses in a host of topics on technology and covers everything from coding to mobile app development in 14 different languages. INTI students get access to these courses for free and those who successfully master these subjects will receive certifications and credibility for their future employment.

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