Thai MBA Students Gain Insight into Malaysian Management Styles at INTI

November 30, 2012

Malaysia’s resilience in the face of economic downturn has drawn many who are keen to learn about its success, including 23 MBA scholars from Stamford International University (STIU) in Thailand who recently visited INTI International University (INTI IU) in Putra Nilai.


Eager to learn about the styles of management and leadership practised in Malaysia, the visitors led by STIU’s Associate Dean, Graduate School, Dr. Ake Choonhachatrachai, were given a glimpse of the 10th Malaysia Plan at INTI IU’s MBA Management Leadership Workshop conducted by Professor Dr Wilson Tay, INTI IU’s Dean, Faculty of Business, Communications and Law.

Visitors from STIU receive a warm welcome at INTI IU.

“By understanding the history of Malaysia’s development plan and growth, one is able to predict the important types of leadership needed for transitional growth. As Malaysia transits from a knowledge era to innovation era, talent management becomes an important asset. Great leaders are those who identify talents and retain them,” said Tay, author of CEO Paradigm – The Management Leadership Insights.

Prof Dr Tay presenting at the workshop.

He also explained to the visitors that to manage talent, one needed to understand oneself through profiling. Upon understanding oneself, a great leader is able to understand and lead others. In sharing the code of management leadership, he said, “There is no one style of leadership. Great leaders apply different leadership styles depending on the situation.”


As part of their learning experience, the visiting students were separated into teams and assigned to build a model of a tower that could withstand an earthquake. What appeared to be lighthearted work was actually a lesson in planning, communication and teamwork which created a lasting impression on the visitors.

One of the models built by students undergoing a test for durability.

INTI IU and STIU are both part of the Laureate International Universities network. Internationalism is an important pillar that holds up Laureate institutions and the opportunity for members such as INTI IU to gain access to knowledge, thought processes, best practices, academic talent and resources across the distances makes this ‘Laureate advantage’ a unique one. President William J. Clinton serves as The Honorary Chancellor of the Laureate network, a role in which he offers advice on social responsibility, youth leadership and increasing access to higher education. In his 2010 visit to INTI IU, he addressed more than 1,000 students and invited guests and inspired many others.


Through Laureate’s support, INTI is able to provide its students with front-row seats to cutting edge global events such as the World Business Forum and Clinton Global Initiative, where they can learn from top global leaders discussing issues affecting the world today. They also have access to international faculty, overseas guest lecturers and study tours to INTI’s partner universities in other countries. This provides students access to an international learning experience beyond Malaysia as part of their studies and as part of their world class education at local prices.


Students of INTI benefit not only from the institution’s over 25 years of experience and strong track-record, but also gain from the global synergy and resources that Laureate International Universities provides. INTI is part of Laureate – the world’s largest and fastest growing private education network – which has a presence in 29 countries, with more than 60 accredited campus-based and online universities and 130 campuses, serving over 740,000 students globally.


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