Pursuing Higher Education in the Midst of Covid-19

September 17, 2020

According to the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM), the employment rate has slightly increased by 0.7% in June 2020. As more people are getting hired during the pandemic, it is important for you to be equipped with relevant knowledge and skillsets through tertiary education to stand out from other job applicants. If you are interested to pursue higher education, here are some insights factors to consider when applying to Malaysian private universities and colleges.

Malaysian private university students wearing a protection mask
Pursuing Higher Education in the Midst of Covid-19

1. Online Learning Availability

The pandemic has led to schools, higher education institutions and freelance tutors to tap into online education while familiarising themselves with digital learning tools and platforms. Not only has technology benefited the educators during this challenging period, but it has also significantly helped students to continue with their studies.

At INTI International University & Colleges, safety protocols have been implemented, beginning from the end of January 2020, even before the MCO was announced (18 March 2020). For instance, our students’ course programmes are conducted via full-time online learning activities until 31st December 2020.

2. Daily Commute

As the Malaysian government seeks to move forward from the pandemic, the Ministry of Higher Education has announced that universities can fully reopen in October 2020. Understandably, the majority of parents would prefer to have their sons and daughters to stay at home rather than applying for university accommodation.

As students and staff are returning to INTI campuses in stages, we have already put in place a number of safety measures as follows:

(i) Government and INTI’s own registration at all entry points to enable contact tracing.
(ii) Body temperature monitoring at all entry points.
(iii) Mandatory usage of masks in all common areas and facilities.
(iv) Increased availability of hand sanitisers.
(v) Increased cleaning and sanitisation daily, especially in classrooms and common areas.
(vi) Clear guidelines for social distancing and limitation on the number of people in specific spaces such as lifts, cafeterias, etc.
(vii) New classroom setup and class schedules to create safe and comfortable learning spaces.
(viii) Online and non-physical services such as e-enrolments, e-orientations, e-payments, e-counselling and library book drop-offs.
(ix) Emergency services and frequent communications to students, parents and staff on new updates.

3. Financial Status

Pursuing higher education in Malaysia is indeed an investment for both local and foreign potential students. In most cases, employers would ask for your academic qualifications as a prerequisite to getting hired. This is especially true for those who want to work in the corporate sector. Nevertheless, it’s important to consider one’s financial status. Some of you may have experienced changed family financial resources due to the outbreak. It is all the more crucial to inquire for available university scholarships and financial assistance. Communicate with your preferred college concerning financial aid arrangements as well as any available international scholarships for foreign prospective students.

According to INTI Chief Executive Officer Tan Lin Nah, INTI continues to offer financial aids to students who are most in need. During this challenging period, we have looked into the means of increasing financial aid options through cost-cutting endeavours. Students from low-income households or whose families are impacted by the pandemic are supported by our dedicated campus teams who hold regular consultations to guide these students on available options based on their individual needs.

INTI International University & Colleges strives to ensure no students are left behind and are given as much means as possible to complete their studies on time. Therefore, we are mindful of the financial challenges that you and your families may be facing at this time. For more information on INTI’s education scholarships and financial assistance, click here.