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Get A Job Before You Graduate Through On Campus Recruitment

At INTI, we aim to ensure our students graduate with not only the best qualifications, but with the best possible careers and work opportunities for their future.

INTI’s On Campus Recruitment is an initiative to provide students the access and exposure they need to secure jobs with top local and international employers. The programme, which includes resume writing workshops, mock interviews, personal grooming and conversational skills, equips them with the soft skills necessary to get the job they want.

Recruitment and hiring managers from a variety of organisations are invited to meet, interview and assess these students on campus and before they graduate – making this a much more efficient and simple interview process, and providing both employers and fresh graduates the chance to explore a wide pool of candidates and companies.

The programme also helps students to track feedback from potential employers and updates them on offers they may receive.

Through On Campus Recruitment, many of our students are finding their careers with well-known organisations and to date we are proud that 30% of our students get employed before graduation1, and 96% of them secure jobs within 12 months of their graduation2.

1 Survey by INTI Career Services
2 INTI Employability Survey by Millward Brown 2014

Connect With Future Employers During INTI Career Day And Career Week

In addition to the On Campus Recruitment initiative, INTI also carries out two other activities aimed at providing students a platform to meet key industry players and potential employers. Through INTI’s Career Day and Career Week, students are able to connect with potential employers to better understand the needs of their organisation, gain career insights and explore various career pathways.

Career Day
Career Day provides students the opportunity to meet face-to-face with their dream employers and learn more about their potential jobs – all in one day and under one roof!

In the past, representatives from some of the most sought after companies for jobs such as Shell Malaysia, IBM Malaysia and Astro have attended Career Day at INTI, to discuss with students some of the top issues regarding employment, such as employer expectations of fresh graduates, challenges they face in recruiting and retaining talent, and career growth.

Career Week
A five-day long programme, Career Week draws hundreds of INTI students each year and consists of six events, namely:

1. Career Forum
One of the most important events of Career Week, the Career Forum invites HR leaders from the likes of IBM, PWC and ASTRO to share what they look for in potential candidates, the challenges they face in recruitment and retention, and how their organisations help new hires to chart and build up their careers.

2. Entrepreneurship Forum
Leveraging on inspiring speakers from various industries, INTI provides students a look into building a positive mindset and a drive for success as they enter into the workplace. In 2015, INTI featured three speakers from the Ten Outstanding Youth Malaysia programme, who shared their personal success with a crowd of more than 200 students.

3. Talks on career opportunities and career insights
An extension to both Career and Entrepreneurship Forums, individual speakers are invited during the week to give one-off sessions. This gives students who are interested in the speaker’s organisation the chance to meet them personally and gather invaluable insights on what they need to impress their dream employers.

4. Developing professional networks and preparing for employment
In 2015, INTI collaborated with LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional social media platform, to engage and train its students on the benefits of networking as a professional. It also organised a workshop on ‘Getting ready to be hired’ – a programme aimed at training students to carry themselves professionally at interviews and also in the workplace.

5. Resume Clinic
Potentially one of Career Week’s most important programmes, the Resume Clinic, run in collaboration with GTI Media, brings in professionals to review student resumes and offer them valuable guidance for improvements.

6. On campus interviews
A smaller setup of the On Campus Recruitment programme, which also connects students to career options while still studying.

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