Preparing for Postsecondary Education with Much Fun at INTI’s School of Hospitality

July 19, 2019

Preparing for postsecondary education and what may eventually lead to future careers and interest requires early exposure to the opportunities available and learning how best to prepare to enter their institution of choice. While this journey of self-discovery may seem daunting to secondary school students, it could also lead to a lot of fun, as students get to explore a new world beyond their studies.

Participants from SMJK Union listening to INTI’s chef lecturer – Chef Syamsul Idham Musa, who explained how to use various culinary tools.

40 students from SMJK Union, a Chinese vernacular girls’ school in Georgetown, Penang, were treated to a day of fun and learning about life in college when they were hosted by INTI International College Penang (INTI) recently.

In order to immerse these young learners in a college-oriented culture, the School of Hospitality (SOHOS) at INTI had thoughtfully arranged a culinary workshop for these energetic secondary school students.

These workshops were facilitated by SOHOS’ own chef-lectures, experienced teaching staff with industry background.

Divided into two teams, the students experienced both a culinary workshop as well as a workshop on making mocktails. During the culinary workshop, the students learned about the different categories of Danish pastries, and the effective ways of handling the specific equipment and materials that are used in Danish pastry production.

Students learnt different types of mocktails and the ways of preparing them, guided by INTI’s chef-lecturer Ahmad Zikri Ismail.

Meanwhile at the mocktail workshop, students explored the different types of mocktails and the methods of preparing each of them. At the same time, they were given chances to create their own basic mocktails with simple garnishings.

Given that hands-on learning is essential in acquiring and perfecting culinary skills, the workshops provided a glimpse to these students on how hospitality education at INTI could shapetheir understanding through a balance of knowledge and practical training.

After hours of fun activities, the participants were able to taste the fruits of their culinary works. Besides much joy and laughter, the girls took home some of their best memories and a renewed idea of their future careers, provided by INTI.