INTI Students Highlight Spirit of Entrepreneurship among the Physically Disabled

November 28, 2014

A milestone had been achieved by INTI’s mass communication students who celebrated the successful completion of a project to document the life journeys and achievements of 15 physically disabled and talented Malaysian entrepreneurs.

Soon to be published in a book by MPH Group Publishing, the students’ written compilation of stories of entrepreneurs such as Lee Thiam Wah, founder of 99 Speedmart; Zhariff Affendi, manager of three successful companies; and Antony Leopold, owner of a travel agency for the disabled, materialised following months of research, interviews and video shoots.


Physically disabled entrepreneurs (from left) Ng Say Leng, Steven Wong, Ricky Goo, Lim Anuar, Antony Leopold and Melvin Tong, who are featured in the book to be published by MPH Group Publishing, pose with Evanna Phoon (right) at INTI.

“It is a very meaningful project and these inspiring stories will definitely uplift society with their messages of hope and positivity. It conveys a powerful message, especially to those who are physically disadvantaged, to never give up on life,” said Lilian Ng, Senior Marketing and Sales Executive, MPH Group Publishing.

The general lack of awareness and publicity on physically challenged entrepreneurs and small business owners motivated the students to take up the project, and in the process, they developed research, interview and investigative reporting skills as well as news writing abilities.

A collaboration with web conferencing service provider FounderMethod, the project – hashtagged #IntiFMIdol – also generated a huge amount of positive buzz within the online community.

“I have received wonderful feedback from the community. No one would believe that it is from Gen-Y students as the quality is similar or better than those that are professionally done!” said Evanna Phoon, founder of FounderMethod, about the project outcome.

The project with FounderMethod is among the 250 employer projects that INTI students have participated in over the last three years. By providing students opportunities to resolve real case studies and industry-relevant problems, employer projects enable students to develop employability and competency skills, which include collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity.

Armed with actual experience in handling a portfolio of projects, INTI graduates earn the highest average first job salaries in Malaysia with 86% of them being employed within six months of graduation (2014 survey by Millward Brown on INTI graduate employability).

The students’ efforts with FounderMethod were presented at Fiction 21, a three-day student-organised event at INTI International College Subang to impart knowledge on trends in the mass communication industry and youth contribution in media and entertainment.

The occasion’s lineup included a carnival, performances by celebrities including Yuna and Thomas & Jack, mass communication workshops and the signing of a petition for equal treatment in society for physically disabled people.