INTI International College Subang Raises Over RM15,000 to Help Give Abandoned Animals a Better Life

December 19, 2022

Animals deserve to be loved and cared for just like human beings. It is our social responsibility to ensure that neglected and abandoned animals can live in a conducive and safe environment. With the number of stray animals on the rise, there is a need to address animal welfare issues.

In doing their part, INTI International College Subang’s Academic Dean Eric Lee presented a mock cheque for RM15,109.08 to Second Chance Animal Society (SCAS) Vice President Shih Kei Leong during a virtual ceremony on 2 December. The funds were collected through the Second Chance Animal Society CSR programme organised by students and lecturers of INTI International College Subang’s Pre-University (Pre-U) programmes with the cooperation of other faculties such as the INTI Language Centre, School of Hospitality, Centre of Postgraduate Studies, Centre of American Degree Programmes, and INTI’s Centre of Arts and Design.

A special ceremony was organised by INTI International College Subang’s Pre-University (Pre-U) Programmes to celebrate the funds collected for the Second Chance Animal Society.

The project, which ran from 2 September to 27 October, initiated various fundraising activities outside the classroom to help raise funds and create awareness on the need for animal sheltering and rescuing.

According to Eric, the initiative not only created awareness on animal abandonment, but it also positively enhanced student wellbeing and social development.

“CSR programmes such as this helps teach the INTI community about empathy and compassion,” he said, adding that the proceeds would allow stray animals have a better life.

Meanwhile, Shih Kei said the animal shelter needed at least RM40,000 monthly to keep it running.

“We will use the funds raised for our operational expenses which includes basic medical treatment, food, neutering sprays, and workers’ wages, ” she said.

A mock cheque for RM15,109.08 was presented to Shih Kei Leong, Vice President of the Second Chance Animal Society to help give abandoned animals a better life.

While SCAS has rescued, rehabilitated, and provided a safer home for hundreds of stray animals, she said the rate of people adopting the animals is still very low and many were still waiting for a second home.

“It’s incredibly fulfilling to see the commitment and effort put in by lecturers, staff, and students over the last three months. We are humbled and grateful for the funds donated, and we hope it can help sustain this rescue shelter in the long term,” she said with a smile.

Teoh Jia Hau, a student of the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Event Management and Marketing in collaboration with the University of Hertfordshire, UK, delivering his remarks at the end of the virtual ceremony.

For Teoh Jia Hau, a student pursuing the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Event Management and Marketing in collaboration with the University of Hertfordshire, UK, being involved in the project gave him a great sense of compassion for innocent animals.

“This project made us realise that we are capable of doing amazing things outside the classroom. It taught us teamwork, problem-solving, critical skills and negotiation skills throughout the months,” he said.

On the other hand, Punitha Sivanantham, a senior lecturer at the Pre-U School and coordinator of the CSR programme, said the students and lecturers were able to contribute towards providing a better home to over 500 dogs at the animal shelter.

A dance competition raises RM4,900 for the Second Chance Animal Shelter.

“I’m proud of all the activities carried out to raise funds for the animal shelter. This included video and e-poster competitions, selling baked goods, a K-pop idol dance competition, selling authentic Malay cuisine at a bazaar, and more,” she said.

Punitha added that by coming together to support each other, the INTI community were able to contribute towards sustaining the lives of stray animals and support their wellbeing.