How Do I Make Use of My Time While Waiting for Exam Results?

August 4, 2021

Students, in general, would heave a collective sigh of relief upon the completion of their exams, and it is no different from our own SPM, STPM and other major exam leavers. Exams are a tough time for many students, and in Malaysia, completing a major examination is usually considered a rite of passage that brings a person to the next level. Exam results are a topic much discussed among family and acquaintances alike. So, it is not strange that many students tend to anticipate their exam results with anxiety, fear, and dread. However, bear in mind that exams are a highly standardised and streamlined method of assessing a student’s abilities, and do not consider the different skillsets of individual students nor reflect the evidence of a well-rounded education. Thus, the outcome of the exam does not define you or your intelligence.

If you are wondering now about what to do after your exam, there are many ways to keep yourself beneficially occupied while waiting for your exam results to be announced. Here are some of the things you can consider:

Young asian student wondering what to do after exams

1. Pass Down Your Study Notes

Face it. You have just been through one of the most difficult experiences in your student life. You know how hard you worked to gather your notes and organise them properly to aid you in your studies. Now that the exams are over, you do not need them anymore. Consider doing your juniors a good turn by making their lives a bit easier by passing down your notes to them. They will appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

2. Apply for a Part-Time Job

Not only can part-time jobs let you earn a side income, but they are also where you can gain experience, sharpen your existing skills, and gain new ones. Employers are less concerned with where you have worked previously or how long; they are more interested in the skills you have gained from these jobs and how you are going to apply these skills to your future job. Besides, it also earns you referrals that can facilitate future job searches. So, if you want to apply for a part-time job while waiting for your exam results to be announced, rest assured that this is a wise choice.

3. Join a Volunteer Programme

If you are not too keen to apply for a part-time job but want to gain experience and skills, you may want to consider joining volunteer programmes. There is a multitude of volunteer programmes in Malaysia that need a diverse set of skills. You can choose one that suits your skills, or one that gives you a chance to gain new skills.

4. Increase Your Skills With Hobbies

For those wondering what to do after exams, another great way of enhancing a skill is to take up a hobby that requires you to use that particular skill. In the era of the internet, learning is just a click away. You can learn about your new hobby via videos, online forums, articles, or even chat with fellow hobbyists online.

5. Research About Different Higher Education Pathways

Some people are book smart. Others are street smart. Considering which direction to go in terms of higher education needs to be based on individual skills. If you are good with your hands, you may want to consider more technical studies. If you are good at retaining and processing information, you can opt for more theoretical studies. Everyone’s education pathways are as unique as the individuals themselves, and thus is worth putting a lot of thought into.

If you are feeling stuck and do not know how to determine which education pathway to take, do not hesitate to contact INTI Education Counselling Centres. We provide future students with education pathway choices, student registration and application services. Reach out to us at INTI today!