Cross-border Study Tour for Beyond-the-Classroom Learning

October 21, 2013

30 INTI students gained valuable cross-cultural educational experience through a 3-day trip to Bangkok, Thailand, that also provided international exposure and opportunities for innovative learning, individual development and networking.

INTI’s students in Bangkok for an international learning experience.

Together with their counterparts and hosts from Stamford International University in Bangkok, which like INTI, is a part of the global Laureate International Universities network, the students were exposed to diverse work cultures and businesses in various settings. Their experience in Bangkok, now a major regional force in finance and business, and an international hub for transport and health care as well as emerging regional centre for the arts, fashion and entertainment, provided beneficial insights that prepare them for careers in a borderless global economy.


“From the Royal Palace in Bangkok, a bastion of Thai culture and traditions, to Channel 3 TV, where the students had the opportunity to witness live broadcasting of news programmes, to Le Méridien Bangkok, which led students to make comparisons between the Thai and Malaysian hotel industries, to Häfele Logistic Centre whose manager drew parallels between employee development and business growth, the study tour afforded the excitement of new experiences and discoveries to the visitors,” said Roberto Calleja, Head of the Mass Communication programme at INTI International University.


International exposure is an important component in INTI’s innovation-driven, global-oriented and career-focused approach to education. International case studies are part of the curriculum, and students experience new cultures and meet global peers through faculty study tours to countries such as Thailand, China and Australia. Their world perspective is further broadened via cross cultural case discussion with students from other parts of the world via live video conference in the classroom.


Closer to home, INTI’s Mass Communication students had the opportunity to participate in a forum with the theme The Art of Vikingdom, which introduced the key people behind the production of Vikingdom which has been dubbed ‘the Malaysian-made film for a global audience’. The students were impressed by the fact that the action movie was produced almost exclusively by a Malaysian crew in Malaysia for world-wide distribution.


“’Vikingdom’ has a wonderful storyline and is a testimony of the Malaysian spirit of multiethnic talent joining forces to go global,” says Jocelyn Zhou, a first year Mass Communication student at INTI International University.


“The excitement among the students was palpable and they asked numerous questions regarding the production, content, special effects, and post production of the movie. It was obvious that they were eager to learn not just about the end product but also what went on behind the scenes,” said Calleja.


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