Connecting Cultures: Xie Wanying’s Transformation Through INTI’s Online IELTS Training Course

November 27, 2023

In today’s interconnected world, effective communication in English is not just a skill; it’s a key to unlocking opportunities for academic and social progress. Xie Wanying, a 32-year-old doctoral student from China, recognised this and enrolled in INTI International University’s online IELTS 5.0 Training Course to enhance her English proficiency. Her experience made her a global citizen ready to contribute to international academic and cultural exchange.

Wanying worked at a higher education institution, primarily focused on student-related tasks. While fulfilling, she sought broader horizons and deeper learning. Her university’s offer of a programme for doctoral studies abroad at INTI International University provided the perfect opportunity to deepen her expertise in Applied Physics.

Wanying particularly enjoys the spoken English component of the online IELTS 5.0 Training Course at INTI International University, which encourages students to take turns answering questions in every class and makes English conversation a natural part of learning.

Recognising the crucial role of English as the universal language of international communication, Wanying remarked, “English connects people from different countries and enables academic and social progress.” This awareness drove her to improve her English proficiency by enrolling in the online IELTS Training Course at INTI.

Her online classes were characterised by a “relaxed and pleasant” atmosphere, thanks to the instructor’s engaging teaching style, filled with humour and wit. The course emphasised interactive speaking and small group activities, creating a low-pressure and enjoyable learning environment.

Each lesson began with problem-oriented discussions, with the instructor readily addressing queries. Real-life topics covered in class and supplementary weekly video learning content motivated Wanying to consistently dedicate time to studying English.

Overcoming common language barriers was another crucial aspect of Wanying’s journey with INTI’s online IELTS Training Course. She said, “When learning English, I often struggle with word recall and sentence expression.” However, her instructor provided valuable resources, including standard English vocabulary lists and recommended websites for listening practice, which boosted her confidence.

Wanying particularly enjoyed the spoken English component of the course. She shared, “The lecturer consistently encouraged us to take turns answering questions in every class, making English conversation a natural part of our learning. This exercise strengthened my courage and improved my English expression skills and proficiency.”

Consistency played a vital role in Wanying’s journey. She stressed the importance of completing the weekly short video learning content and maintaining a regular practice routine. “By doing so, you will gradually notice a change in your English proficiency,” she said. Her unwavering dedication paid off as her language skills improved, reflecting the transformative power of persistence and effort.

Recognising the value of English proficiency in her scientific research, Wanying frequently read English literature and published academic papers in English. She explained, “A strong command of English greatly facilitates my scientific research endeavours and professional interactions. It also lays the foundation for future study visits abroad.”

As a testament to her progress, Wanying noted, “Through the English course, I overcame my fear of speaking, stemming from my apprehension of making mistakes. I have grown more confident and composed. English listening comprehension was a challenge in the past, but now I find myself comprehending the general context.” The IELTS course improved her spoken English and heightened her confidence in English communication.

Reflecting on her journey, she emphasised the crucial role of language in connecting students from different backgrounds. She said, “When students from different cultural backgrounds communicate in a shared language, such as English, the distance between them seems to vanish. This linguistic connection enables them to share diverse perspectives, explore cultural complexities, and foster mutual comprehension and cooperation.”

Moreover, beyond language proficiency, the course fostered meaningful connections. Wanying enthusiastically recounted her interactions with fellow international students during the programme. “I had the privilege of assisting one of them in exploring the wonders of China during his visit, which added an extra layer of significance to my time in the course,” she said.

Following her experience with INTI’s online IELTS Training Course, Wanying’s aspirations continue to soar. She envisions further growth, aiming to unlock new opportunities and advance professionally. Sharing her hopes as she looks ahead, she said, ” In the future, I hope to have more opportunities to study abroad and engage in academic exchange activities. These experiences will expose me to diverse scientific research methods, academic insights, and advanced research instruments. Ultimately, this knowledge will help me achieve greater heights in scientific research, leading to the publication of more high-quality research papers.”

The IELTS Training Course offers more than just exam preparation; it’s a comprehensive tool to enhance your academic English skills. This course is beneficial even for those who don’t plan to take the IELTS exam, as it sharpens language proficiency for any academic field where English is the medium of instruction. If you struggle with coursework, writing, or oral presentations in English, this course can be a game changer. Not only does it boost your ability in English, but it also has a positive impact on your overall academic performance in other subjects. The course is accessible with fees starting from just MYR50, making it an affordable investment in your academic future.