INTI International College Penang’s Financial Simulation Competition Elevates Practical Finance Skills

November 27, 2023

INTI International College Penang’s School of Business (SOBIZ) recently hosted a transformative Financial Simulation Competition in collaboration with esteemed accounting firms Deloitte, KPMG, and PwC. The event on 18 October 2023 gave students a unique opportunity to enhance their practical knowledge and engage with industry professionals.

The Financial Simulation Competition witnessed enthusiastic participation from 85 students, who were organised into 17 groups. Ten of these groups were selected to present their analyses to Deloitte, KPMG, and PwC representatives, who served as judges and added significant value to the event. Koushalya Priya Rajaram, a Head of Programme at SOBIZ, shared, “The active involvement of students and collaboration with Big Four firms provided a dynamic learning environment beyond traditional coursework.”

Participants from INTI International College Penang’s School of Business (SOBIZ), alongside esteemed industry partners, proudly pose after the Financial Simulation Competition 2023.

The competition aimed to equip participants with practical skills in financial statement analysis, investment recommendations, and risk assessment and management. This holistic approach ensured that students understood theoretical concepts and acquired practical skills needed for successful careers in the finance industry.

Engaging participants in real-world financial scenarios, the competition required students to analyse companies listed on Bursa Malaysia. This multifaceted analysis included financial statement analysis, risk assessment, SWOT analysis, PESTEL analysis, and an examination of economic influences. This approach gave participants a holistic understanding of their chosen company’s financial standing, risks, market positioning, and external factors influencing performance.

The PPB Group emerged as the champion, winning them a cash prize and exclusive goodies sponsored by KPMG and PwC.

Mohamad Ezzat Mohamed Yusoff, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Accounting and Finance 3+0 in collaboration with the University of Hertfordshire, UK, at INTI International College Penang, shared insights into his experience, stating, “We acquired valuable skills such as advanced financial analysis, the ability to interpret complex financial reports, and effective presentation skills.” Ezzat, with his group, clinched third place in the competition and prepared for the presentation by conducting in-depth research on publicly listed companies in Bursa Malaysia, ensuring a thorough understanding of their financial position.

(Second from left) Muhammad Ezzat Mohamed Yusoff, a bachelor’s degree in accounting student, and his team secured third place in the Financial Simulation Competition.

Another participant, Lee Wengyi, highlighted, “The application of theoretical knowledge offered a clearer view of industry dynamics and the evolving business landscape. This exposure helped us develop a more defined roadmap for our future careers in finance and related fields.” During the competition, Lee Wengyi noted encountering new legal regulations related to their chosen industry, providing a chance to enhance practical knowledge and gain a more holistic understanding of the interaction between businesses and the broader business landscape.

Meanwhile, Kannmanie Khili, the second-place winner, highlighted her valuable interactions with representatives from the Big Four firms during the Financial Simulation Competition. She shared, “Engaging with esteemed industry partners enriched my learning experience. Unlike regular coursework, this simulation provided practical industry exposure, complementing my academic learning. The knowledge and experience are expected to positively influence my career aspirations in finance, enhancing my competitiveness in the field.”

Adrian Lam Keen Leong, Audit Partner at Deloitte and one of the judges, emphasised, “The use of actual publicly listed companies on Bursa Malaysia, rather than fictitious ones, enables students to analyse real-world financial results, risks, and strategies that companies employ to navigate through their daily operations. This immersion in real-world scenarios gives students a rounded view of the strategies and risks affecting a company in the real world.”

INTI International College Penang continues offering students unparalleled finance industry opportunities through active involvement and collaboration with industry leaders. This ensures that participants grasp theoretical concepts while acquiring practical skills essential for successful careers in finance.