Ambitious Crystal Ting Pursues Bachelors Degree Online as She Flies

October 12, 2018

A study released by Randstad Work Monitor in 2017 revealed that 96% of employees in Malaysia believe that it is their own responsibility to keep on learning, in order to remain relevant and gain a competitive edge in today’s workplace. In supporting this, online courses that offer employees with flexible options were found to be the most suitable means in making it easier for them to deepen their knowledge and build competencies1.


Crystal Ting Chung, an ambitious young lady who rostered to work around the clock as cabin crew pursues her bachelor degree fully online.

Evidence further shows that a lack of growth opportunities is one of the key factors impacting employee turnover, with 87% of millennials worldwide saying professional development is important in any job2.

Born in Bintulu, Sarawak Crystal Ting Chung, a cabin crew with Airasia X since 2015, is setting her sights on achieving great success in the future. Crystal hopes to contribute more to her current company by equipping herself with the knowledge and experiences that will help her diversify her skills and climb the corporate ladder.

“I’m a person who constantly seeks for improvement and always tries to do things beyond my comfort zone. In spite my flying schedule and long hours in the air, I couldn’t find a reason not to further my studies, as education is extremely important and we should never stop learning while we are still able to,” opined Crystal, who recently enrolled herself in INTI International University’s Bachelor of Business (Hons) Learning Simplified programme , a fully online programme catering to busy working adults.


Crystal Ting Chung travelling around the world as part of her job as an AirAsia X cabin crew.

Continuing her studies had not been easy for Crystal in the past. After completing her Diploma in Business Administration in 2013, she tried to pursue a bachelor’s degree while working part-time as a sales assistant to finance her studies.

“I wasn’t able to complete my final year as I hadn’t earned enough money to pay for my tuition fees. In the end, I had to quit my studies and take up full time employment,” she recalled.

Having dreamed of becoming a successful businesswoman since childhood, however, Crystal gradually realised that it would require time, knowledge and experiences for her to get there.

Persevering through her challenges, she decided to apply for a job as a cabin crew with AirAsia, enabling herself to explore the world, and to gain more life experiences to widen her horizons. “Life as a cabin crew can be hectic sometimes, as there are no fixed schedules and cabin crew are rostered to work around the clock. Besides that, cabin crew frequently travel overseas, making it harder to commit to a scheduled plan of study,” shared Crystal.

Crystal enrolled into INTI’s Bachelor of Business (Hons) Learning Simplified programme in August this year, a fully online programme that provided her a flexible solution to her tight flying schedule. When asked why she opted to study a fully online bachelor’s degree programme, Crystal elaborated, “I strongly believe that a degree is the basic requirement when pursuing jobs in the corporate world and will provide me with better opportunities in future. INTI’s online business programme allows me to work and study at the same time. I don’t have to go into a physical classroom, which suits my irregular schedule and my notes, assignments and even working with other students is easily accessible online. Moreover, the time needed to study is very flexible as I can choose to study or to do my assignments any time before the deadlines.”

“Because I work irregular hours, getting enough rest before and after my duty is necessary to ensure I am ready for my next flight. The online programme is perfect for me because I am able to study in between my working hours, yet at the same time does not require me to travel to a campus or attend classes. As my job requires me to work around the clock, it would have been impossible to sit in the classroom every Monday to Friday, or even on weekends,” she continued.

In addition to the flexibility, a crucial point for Crystal was the affordability of the programme. “INTI offered an affordable tuition fee for young working adults who are still earning modest incomes, and who are beginning to have other financial commitments like me. The option to pay tuition fees in instalments or having the option to withdraw from our Employees Provident Fund (EPF) has eased my monthly financial commitments,” she said.

Offering a range of programmes such as Accounting, Marketing, Business Analytics – which is one of four modules by IBM’s Innovation Centre for Education – and a work integrated project, the programme prepares students for the challenges of the global economy through international exposure, applications of concepts in real world scenarios, as well as a structured personal development and coaching plan. Students will gain valuable insights and acquire relevant skills to embark on their professional careers.

Seeing Crystal embarking for her future success, her parents are both proud and convinced by the efforts of their self-motivated and ambitious daughter. “My parents are very proud of my decision and have been one of my biggest motivators, often encouraging me with positive messages.”

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