Standing out from the crowd in a highly competitive job market requires you to have a decisive edge.

The INTI Pre-University course not only prepares you for tertiary studies at the world’s best academic institutions, it also empowers you with a holistic foundation of both soft skills and knowledge to succeed later in life.

INTI University Placement Services Team

The success story of every winner has a team backing them up every step of the way. To get you embarked on the road to success, INTI has a dedicated University Placement Services team that helps you take the guesswork out of applying for university.

Applying to a university set in a foreign country can be a highly stressful process with a host of rules and regulations to comply with and multiple procedures to undertake during the application process. The experienced University Placement Services team helps to make the whole process a more pleasant and less stressful experience. As a complimentary service for INTI students, the team can help with the following challenges facing students and offer the following services:

  • Assistance with the application process for scholarships and university placements along with preliminary budgeting for living abroad
  • Professional advice on selecting the best academic institution to fit a student’s needs
  • Advice to craft an effective study plan to meet the English entry requirements for a selected academic programme
  • Regular mock interview workshops to enable students to practice their skills before undertaking an actual university placement interview
  • Assistance with facilitating a letter of recommendation for university applications for eligible students
  • Special talks by invited speakers from overseas universities on succeeding in the university application process

Industry Attachment Programme

A pioneer addition to the INTI Pre-University programme, students are able to volunteer for internships with accredited partners and learn more about the working world in a safe, supervised manner.

Parent/Teacher Consultation Sessions

To ensure students are progressing on the right path and caregivers are properly appraised of their child’s progress, the INTI Pre-University course integrates regular parent-teacher meetings in week 8 or 9 of every semester so that both sides can highlight any concerns that they have.

Student performance is also regularly monitored with an early warning system set in place to help correct their course if they fall behind or encounter challenges in their studies. Students who require additional assistance can also consult with their lecturers for four hours per week. For those who need further help, INTI has also provisioned Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) where senior students help to guide academically poor students in order to improve their performance.

Extra-curricular Activities

Placement in the world’s best universities requires that prospective candidates are excellent all-rounders with a holistic education that covers not only academic knowledge but soft skills as well.

The INTI Pre-University programme prepares you for excellence by offering students a vast array of extra-curricular activities that help to develop the 4C’s – Communication, Critical Thinking Skills, Collaboration and Creativity – all of which are required skills for success in higher education and later in life. The intake proactively organised several of the following activities:

Field Trips

An off-campus excursion that expands a student’s horizons as well as their knowledge of a subject with direct hands-on experiences which are more impactful than purely academic class work alone. It is considered a critical aspect of the INTI Pre-University course.

Biology Field Trip to Seagrass Bed
Students learnt about quadrat sampling and the importance of seagrass bed in our ecosystem

Educational Visit to the Palace of Justice
Students visited the Palace of Justice, which houses the Malaysian Court of Appeal and Federal Court. The trip was aimed to enhance students’ knowledge on the Malaysian Legal System

Study Trip to Nuclear Agency Malaysia
Students who visited the Nuclear Power Plant (MOSTI) were briefed on its facilities, primarily on contextualized nuclear power and the nuclear reaction research based in Malaysia


INTI regularly organises competitions that encourage and bring out the best in students so that they strive to be the very best they can be.

General Electric Leaders of Tomorrow
A leadership programme where students compete for five positions as student ambassadors

IMU Science Discovery Challenge 2018
This science themed competition in Malaysia was organized to create greater awareness on Science amongst students and cultivate interest in health sciences careers

Kangaroo Mathematics Competition
The largest Mathematics competition in Malaysia with student participation of more than 40,000

Find a programme

  • Cambridge A Level Programme

    Gain the opportunity to progress into prestigious institutions with our highly reputable CAL programme.

    Pre-University Programmes Foundation 1.5 Years From RM 21,087
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  • Foundation in Arts

    Prepares students to think creatively and effectively communicate ideas via various media.

    Mass Communication Foundation 1 Year From RM 19,942
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  • Foundation in Business

    Gain a fundamental understanding of concepts and principles of how organisations work. Meet the requirements of professional bodies, while gaining a competitive edge.

    Business Foundation 1 Year From RM 11,492
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  • Foundation in Design

    Establish a solid foundation and take the first step to shape your future career in design.

    Art & Design Foundation 1 year (3 semesters) From RM 21,112
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  • Foundation in Information Technology

    Gain a fundamental understanding of concepts and principles of how organisations work. Gain an understanding of the technical and humanistic aspects of computing. Meet the requirements of professional bodies, while gaining a competitive edge.

    Computing & IT Foundation 1 Year From RM 17,810
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  • Foundation in Science

    Developed to help students gain the knowledge needed for admission into Science or Engineering programmes.

    Engineering Foundation 1 year From RM 19,305
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