Combined with a world class curriculum that incorporates industry-relevant courses in tandem with real-world scenarios and projects.

INTI graduates are highly employable and empowered to make a positive difference from day one.

Kenichi Chuah

Foundation in Business

Currently studying:
Bachelor Of Business (Hons) – International Business

“I joined INTI International University as an ‘April Bridger’ for April Bridging programme, and started my very first programme in my university life, which is OLE – INTI’s Orientation Programme. I was lucky to be selected as the group leader, and was given the opportunity to mingle with seniors & new students as a student helper.

My General Studies (GNS) classes started right after the orientation programme. This subject actually taught me soft skills like time management, problem solving, personal grooming and most importantly, the knowledge in conducting research. The most important and unforgettable part of GNS subject was definitely the group project where we were tasked to organise an event as a group. INTI Foundation programme is conducted in small classes which allows everyone in the programme to play an important role by contributing ideas, suggestions and solutions when required to.

I also had the opportunity to enhance my leadership skill by becoming the Chairperson of INTI Biz Club. During my leadership, we managed to organise a few significant events such as Night Hunting, Couple Run and Career Fair. These events has provided me with the opportunity to work with industry partners like Oppo and Bursa Malaysia which will be an added edge when I start working. I was also the group leader for a fund-raising project with my project advisor, Mr. Mohd Shahriel. He has constantly provided me with advice and guidance that I will never forget. Success is earned and not given; we need to keep challenging ourselves to achieve what seems impossible.

Last but not least, the most memorable journey is always filled with challenges. Enjoy your university life. Cheers!

Venice Wong

Foundation in Business Information Technology

Currently studying:
Bachelor Of Business (Hons) – Finance

“I have often been asked why I chose INTI International University to further my studies. Instead of choosing universities around Kuala Lumpur, I was willing to travel all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Putra Nilai.

This is simply because INTI provides sufficient facilities for students to focus on their studies. In 2014, I enrolled at INTI and was offered a scholarship for my Foundation in Business Information Technology programme. I was so thankful that I was selected as one of the scholarship recipients. Transitioning into university life was a tough journey, but I was fortunate enough as I had lecturers who were lovely and patient and helped me by providing me with guidance and suggestions for us to do well in our assignments and exams. After I graduated from the Foundation programme, I decided to continue my studies in INTI for Bachelor of Business (Hons) Finance.

To be successful, I believe that choosing the right peers is important as you will be able to study together, discuss assignments and revise together. Being a successful student is not about the grades, but it’s also about the experience you gain during your university life.”

Aminath Thuqa Shareef

Foundation in Arts

Currently studying:
Bachelor Of Mass Communication (Hons)

“My name is Aminath Thuqa Shareef, and I am from the Maldives. INTI, with its appealing environment and advantageous learning system, was quick to persuade that this was the perfect university for me. At Foundation level, I had the opportunity to co-create multiple successful events which I am immensely proud of.

A common pattern with every accomplishment is that I always end up acquiring a new set of skills that is not only limited to the syllabus. This means that practical learning gave me a sneak peak to real-life work situations. It gives me the sense that in INTI, not only is my knowledge enriched, but that I am also growing as a person. The whole learning process triggers a communal bond amongst students and we are constantly encouraged to work together. The lecturers at INTI are truly amiable, quick to guide and diverse in their teaching styles. Even in a class full of local students, I was assured that I wasn’t any different from the rest. The result was an even more comfortable learning environment. After completing Foundation in Arts, I am now doing Bachelor of Mass Communication. I realise that everything I learnt in Foundation was a stepping stone. I can easily identify and relate theories, and expand the methods I used in Foundation to complete assignments faster.”

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