Revolutionizing Goat Milk Production: Date Pit Powder Enhances Quantity and Quality

August 7, 2023

Professor Ts. Dr. Wong Ling Shing, Pro Vice-Chancellor of INTI International University and also a senior lecturer, and Dr. Mohamad Razlan Abd Rahman, a Postdoctoral Research Fellow from the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at INTI International University have introduced an exciting new method to produce goat milk enriched with monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA). Their groundbreaking study, titled “Enhanced Goat Milk MUFA Quality via Date Pit Supplementation: A Time-Based Pattern Recognition Analysis Utilizing Agricultural Waste Byproduct,” conducted in collaboration with Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, focuses on supplementing dairy goats with date pit powder (DPP) to enhance the quantity and quality of milk FA.

According to Professor Ts. Dr. Wong Ling Shing, Pro Vice-Chancellor at INTI International University and senior lecturer at the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, milk monounsaturated fatty acids are crucial and sought-after lipids known for their health benefits and significance in food product development.

“Milk MUFAs are crucial and sought-after lipids, known for their health benefits and significance in food product development,” emphasized Professor Ts. Dr. Wong Ling Shing. “Our research aims to explore the importance of DPP supplementation in dairy goats as an alternative means to increase the unsaturated FA content in milk. Through a meticulous three-month supplementation-based study, we analysed the impact using chemometrics.”

The study’s findings revealed that by strategically varying the Mariami DPP supplementation at higher doses during the lactation period of Saanen-Boer cross goats, significant improvements in the quantity and quality of milk FA were achieved. The researchers further observed that the dietary factors, particularly those influencing rumen fermentation, such as the ratio of acetate to propionate concentration in the rumen fluid of goats, play a crucial role in determining the quality and quantity of fatty acids (FA) in milk.

Emphasizing the remarkable benefits of a diet enriched with high-quality FA goat milk, the researchers noted its positive effects on maintaining good health, supporting physiological functions, and providing essential nutrition, particularly for children and the elderly. Interestingly, some authors have highlighted that this milk can be safely consumed by individuals with cow milk allergies without triggering adverse symptoms.

Dr. Mohamad Razlan Abd Rahman is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at INTI International University’s Faculty of Health and Life Sciences.

Moreover, the study demonstrated that date pits can be seamlessly incorporated into lactating Ardi goat diets, making up to 20% of the concentrate feeds, without negatively affecting their productivity.

The significant research project was made possible through funding from the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia, under the Niche Research Grant Scheme (NRGS), along with the unwavering support from INTI International University, Malaysia.

This innovative approach to producing goat milk with enriched MUFA content has the potential to revolutionize the dairy industry, unlocking new opportunities in food product development and enhanced nutrition. The research findings have paved the way for further investigations into the numerous health benefits of MUFA-enriched goat milk, offering promising applications in promoting overall well-being.