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Boost Your Confidence and Score Well with IELTS Training Course

IELTS Training Course 5 weeks (for tutorial sessions) for each level From RM 0

When people think about preparing for IELTS, they think of it only as a means of passing an exam. Of course, preparing for the IELTS exam is a major reason for taking an IELTS course, but many people study IELTS without ever needing to pass the exam. Why is this?

This is because preparing for IELTS is one of the best ways of improving your academic English, even if you don’t want to take the test.

• Improving your writing skills helps you write more accurately and professionally and can improve your written assignments.
• Improving your speaking skills helps you give more professional and confident oral presentations.
• Improving your listening can help you understand your lectures better, and improving your speed reading can help you do research much faster.

What does this mean for you as a student? If your subjects are taught in English, improving your academic English skills can result in better academic grades for all your other subjects. Beyond study, improving your spoken and written English can significantly improve your job prospects and make you more employable.

IELTS training is for life, not just for exams.

For students who are preparing for IELTS exam, this fully online self-study IELTS preparation course aims to provide you with the knowledge and skills required to pass the IELTS exam at the following levels.

IELTS 5.0 Training Course (Intermediate Level / CEFR B1).
IELTS 6.0 Training Course (Upper-Intermediate Level / CEFR B2).

Five topic-based units help students master vocabulary by subject, with each unit divided into the specific language skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and vocabulary and grammar.

Each topic includes approximately 6.5 hours of teaching video (approximately 32 hours in total) containing exercises and activities, with each video lasting approximately 20 minutes. To be successful, you should actively work through each video, pausing the recordings at given points to undertake activities that reinforce the learning.

Learning to speak a language well involves learning to think in that language, which means practising what you learn. In particular, you should find time to practise your speaking skills with a study partner, family member or friend.

Programme Highlights

    Learn about the listening test with explanations of the different question types, practical exercises and realistic audio examples in the four parts of the listening test
    Authentic reading examples, accompanied with techniques in how to answer the different question types in the three parts of the reading test
    Improve your writing style through vocabulary, grammar and strategies for writing about graphs and charts in Task 1, and opinion and argumentative essays in Task 2
    Tips for approaching the three parts of the speaking test, with guidance on topics and opportunities for practice, with the option of speaking group tutorials

Mode of Delivery

  • Fully online through IELTS Training Centre (ITC)


There are two course options:

1. On-demand video: This option gives students access to the learning videos and accompanying reading texts and audio scripts. Students pay a one-off registration and administration fee to gain full access to the course. Once registered, students work through the video-based course in their own time.

2. Tutorial package: This option is for dedicated learners who are serious about passing their IELTS test. The tutorial package provides full access to the on-demand videos in Option 1, but also includes five tutorial sessions, one hour a week for five weeks, for additional guidance and speaking practice. Students should aim to complete one Unit per week to make best use of the tutorial sessions, but access to the videos continues after the five tutorial sessions have completed. The tuition fee is inclusive of course registration and administration fee, video access, tutorials and course certification upon completion.

Course Options All Students
On-demand video RM 50
Tutorial package (inclusive of certificate) RM 198

1. For IELTS 5.0 Training Course:
- Students should possess intermediate level English language skills to benefit from this course, and a previous IELTS Band Score of 4.0 would be an advantage, although not essential.

2. For IELTS 6.0 Training Course:
- Students should possess upper-intermediate level English language skills to benefit from this course, and a previous IELTS Band Score of 5.0 would be an advantage.

Note: International students are subject to meet entry requirements that reflect similar qualifications and experience as stated above.
To find country-specific entry requirements visit our international entry requirement page

Campuses & Intakes

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Note: International students are subject to placement guidelines. Please check with a student counsellor.

Ahmad Riaz Bilal Zai, Khurasan University, Afghanistan
I felt really hesitant at the beginning but the course provided me with interactive material which engaged me a lot. I learnt a lot of tips to practice during real IELTS program.
Vlada Bazylieva, Alfred Nobel University, Ukraine
The course was extremely useful, interesting and fabulous. Jonathan is a great teacher because he explained everything really clearly and was always positive. I am so proud of myself that I’ve improved my English, especially speaking and listening skills. Thank you for this amazing course. I am really satisfied.
Borys Prydalnyi, Lutsk National Technical University, Ukraine
The language course provided me with new specific elements for test preparation. Speaking practice during consultations was especially useful. Also, during the online part of the course, I could practice understanding different accents. The knowledge I got in the language course is useful not only to pass exams but for real life too. The course is comprehensive.
Cristiane Barbosa Braga, PUC-SP Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, Brazil
I didn't have high expectations about this course, which gave me everything! I learned a lot with my classmates and mainly with the teacher, who is friendly, gentle, and has a nice humor. Some of what I learned with INTI I will apply to my job, the lessons, and the information was helpful.

Daiany Ceccon Signorelli, Universidade Federal de Lavras, Brazil
I loved to be able to understand more about the IELTS. The teacher gave important advice on how to do this test. In my opinion, this course isn't just about IELTS, but it's about life too, because we learned a lot about the things around us.

Denise Moura Madeira, Universidade Federal de Lavras, Brazil
This preparatory course and language classes online exceeded my expectations giving me the overall idea about IELTS, and I could get effective knowledge, guidance, and practice. For example, it helped me prepare for all modules - Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking - in the IELTS test. Besides that, the lecturer (Jonathan) has a didactic approach to teaching.

Hanh Duc Nguyen, An Giang University, Vietnam
When taking this course, I realized that I could ask my mentor in the Friday class session. Through the videos, I can learn new vocabulary, pronunciation, English skills. During this course, the thing I learned most was how to write an essay to describe a chart or a graph. What I liked best was the Friday session because I could talk to my instructor, Mr. Jonathan, who was very friendly, kind, and helpful, and I could speak to different friends from different countries in the world.

Hien Vo Nguyen Thuy, Nha Trang University, Vietnam
I really love this course because I have practiced speaking more, and I can use those words which Mr. Jonathan shared with me about my life in Vietnam. I also improved my English skills, my mom said that she was proud of me. I learned more information when I joined a class with foreign people.

Huynh Anh, An Giang University, Vietnam
The instructor, Mr. Jonathan was very dedicated and enthusiastic to help students. Attending weekly meetings with him was very enjoyable. I am very grateful to him. Through the course, I have improved many of my skills in English. I hope to have the opportunity to continue studying English courses under his guidance. What I like most about the course is the helpful material, which is directly related to studying for the IELTS exam.

Julyakin Sembiring, Christian University of Indonesia, Indonesia
Mr Jonathan is very friendly, it gives me more confidence to speak English. This course makes me become more confident and I gained some tricky ways for IELTS test. Through this class I also got another partner. The most skill I learned from this class is about speaking test. I got many partners in this class so I can apply speaking skill with them.

Le Thi Huyen Trang, Vietnam National University of Forestry, Vietnam
What I like most about this course is the self-directed learning; I can arrange a time for the videos, speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. I can self-study according to very detailed video tutorials by Mr. Jonathan - the instructor was engaging. This course gives me the motivation to study hard and improve my English. I find that learning through videos is a very interesting way.

Najmudin Saraj, Khurasan University, Afghanistan
I did learn a lot of things and this IELTS training course gave us many benefits. The reading section was tough but during this course I learnt and know how to match headings, how to fill the blanks and what is the main thing for reading. The very first thing which I learnt during this course was speaking with the teacher and colleagues, asking questions about IELTS test and getting super answers from the teacher. The best thing about this course was meeting on Friday, communicating with the teacher and friends and talking about some main point and topics.

Theofilus Jose Setiawan, Universitas Kristen Indonesia, Indonesia
I am extremely happy to be able to take this course because I can now know and learn more about the things I have to face in the IELTS exam. At first, I was worried about the IELTS. However, because of Mr Jonathan who always teaches well, who always communicates, who always corrects what's wrong, who always gives input, and who always supports his students, the obstacles that I imagined about the IELTS exam are getting less and less. The videos include reading, listening, and other exercises, still attract my attention because of Mr Jonathan's teaching. For Mr Jonathan, you are my role model in teaching.

Túlio Passos Lopes, Universidade Federal de Lavras, Brazil
I was very excited with the course. Just by getting in contact with Jonathan through the emails and speaking with my practice partner I think I have learned a lot. Also, the chance of speaking with people from different nations is unique, and it not only improves the idiom, but it additionally contributes to culture.

Yao Jiawen, Wenzhou Medical University, China
The course plays an important role in communicating more fluently and confidently with others. When I took the class, the teacher encouraged us to share our views and expand our minds. The accent is so standard and clear, it could be an enjoyable feeling for me to listen to. I am addicted to his teaching methods.

Zhao Yimin, Wenzhou Medical University, China
Thanks a lot for these high-quality courses, the teacher is very nice and ready to help us. I learned a lot from it.

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