Milan, where Passion for Design is Part of the Fabric of Life, Beckons PJCAD Students

February 2, 2012

Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA), an avant garde art and design institute in Milan and one of the leading names in the design industry, is offering a 40% reduction of their tuition fees to students of PJ College of Art & Design (PJCAD) – a member of the Laureate International Universities network. This is among the many benefits availed to students across the Laureate network in an effort to ensure a truly international educational experience.


Appropriately located in the inspirational fashion-forward hub of Italy, the offer provides a valuable opportunity for students to broaden horizons by learning from advocates of experimentation. The special rate applies to all PJCAD students who wish to build on their creativity through NABA’s introductory, intermediate and advanced level summer courses in Design, Fashion, Graphic and Media Design, Visual Arts and Communication.

NABA is a remarkable collection of creative talent in an outstanding facility for advanced education.

“We are offering the standard two-week programme to students and alumni of PJCAD but those who wish to stay longer can combine two or three sessions for a course that lasts up to six weeks,” said Alan Brivio, NABA’s Regional Admissions Manager Asia.


The summer courses are wide-ranging and diversified. They include introductory level courses intended for students without any academic background in a specific subject area; workshops that are particularly suitable for students with some background and who are keen on building upon this through hands-on training experience; and advanced level courses that are intensive skills enhancement programmes for final year students and recent graduates seeking new opportunities combining strategy and creativity.


“Students will be exposed to a different way of understanding design through a different culture, industry background, landscape and teaching style. The summer courses will be a mix of frontal classes and project work where by the end of two weeks each student would have completed and presented one project. Study visits to museums, companies, production sites and design studios will also be part of the programme to expose students to the creative and cultural environment in Italy,” said Brivio.


All summer courses are conducted in English, and the tuition fee is 1480