ICAD and Trinity Children’s Home Launch Limited Edition Merchandise Collection to Raise Funds for Endangered Animals

August 23, 2023

In commemoration of their decade-long existence and adherence to the principles of ‘Peace, Love, Design,’ the team at INTI’s Centre of Art and Design (ICAD) has joined hands with Trinity Children’s Home to launch a one-of-a-kind and limited-edition merchandise line. This collection highlights exceptional artistic ability and supports a heartening cause by raising essential funds for the children’s home. It’s more than just material possessions; it evokes deep emotions and promotes a meaningful purpose.

Children from the Trinity Children’s Home showcase their designs of endangered animals.

ICAD, in collaboration with the Photography Club at INTI International College Subang, organised the ‘Little Voices Speak’ Workshop, a heartwarming initiative supporting Trinity Children’s Home. This interactive workshop imparts the art of employing design to address pressing social concerns, specifically focusing on ‘Protecting Endangered Animals.’ It doesn’t stop at gaining valuable insights; the children nurture their creativity to vividly envision suitable habitats for Malaysia’s endangered animals, thus contributing to the well-being and preservation of these vulnerable creatures.

ICAD members gather alongside children from the Trinity Children’s Home to pose for a group photo.

Tan Yee Ling, a Lecturer in Interior Architecture, explained the significance of addressing the theme. “These efforts could raise awareness among our young generation about protecting endangered animal species in Malaysia,” she said.

She added, “Through this workshop, children learned and expressed their ideas by designing a suitable habitat for endangered animals to survive in Malaysia.”

Pang Xin Ru, a Diploma in Graphic Design student, shared that the workshop aimed to offer the children a remarkable experience, providing a unique opportunity for university-level education and hands-on learning.

“As these children grow, they might become change-makers and contribute positively to society,” she emphasised.

Zafran Zakaria, a Fashion Management & Communication student, was critical in organising the workshop in collaboration with Sheffield Hallam University UK. He reflected, “Participating in this workshop was truly eye-opening. The knowledge exchange was mutual, and I gained a lot from this experience.”

He continued, “Witnessing the joy on their faces was a heartwarming blessing. Being a part of bringing such happiness to them was an incredibly gratifying experience for all of us involved.”

The limited-edition merchandise features imaginative artworks created by the children under the guidance and mentorship of talented ICAD students. These aspiring designers have translated their dreams onto exquisite postcards, with each brushstroke resonating as a heartfelt plea to protect endangered animals. The Creative.Co team skilfully transformed these artworks into postcards, crafting a captivating narrative of hope and transformation.

The collection showcases seven distinct designs, each uniquely portraying endangered species. From the tiger’s graceful allure to the tapir’s serene grandeur, every design serves as a heartfelt plea to safeguard our planet’s delicate inhabitants. The young artists’ boundless creativity and unwavering dedication shine through every brushstroke, creating a strong and compelling link between art and conservation.

The intricately crafted tote bag and heartfelt postcards are true treasures of this collection. Beyond being fashion accessories, these tote bags hold a purpose that goes beyond trends, symbolising dedication to safeguarding the futures of both gifted young individuals and the endangered animals they passionately champion.

Cute tote bags feature the designs by children from the Trinity Children’s Home.

The unveiling of this remarkable merchandise collection beautifully encapsulates ICAD’s core mission – nurturing creative expression while extending a caring hand to those in need. With a promising number of items already sold, ICAD has effectively raised a significant sum for Trinity Children’s Home. This substantial contribution underscores ICAD’s dedication to supporting its impactful initiatives, reflecting a genuine commitment to making a positive difference.

Chong Jie Sze, a student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, expressed his heartfelt joy at having the opportunity to spread kindness throughout society.

“It brings me immense joy to see that we can positively impact the people around us, starting with our own community. By taking these small steps and showing kindness, we’re paving the way for a society that truly cares and looks out for one another,” he emphasised.

Children from the Trinity Children’s Home also designed postcards.

Suet Lin Goh, a Lecturer in Fashion Design, expressed, “The success of this collaboration between ICAD and Trinity Children’s Home vividly underscores the potential for future endeavours that weave together creativity and social responsibility.”

She continues, “The evident positive impact of merging artistic expression with meaningful causes suggests that ICAD will undoubtedly pursue similar projects in the times ahead.”

This innovative initiative not only underscores ICAD’s dedication to fostering artistic innovation but also highlights its unwavering commitment to making a tangible impact on the lives of the next generation.