Engineered for Employability

March 25, 2011

If employment rate is the standard of measurement, engineering graduates of INTI International College Penang (IICP) are in a class of their own. 100% of IICP’s engineering degree students who graduated in 2008 and 2009 are gainfully employed, all within six months of graduating.


At IICP, the engineering programmes, specifically in electrical and electronic engineering, are designed to bridge the gap between academics and industry and to deliver today’s engineers for the engineering needs of tomorrow. Providing know-how and resources that ensure its graduates are able to ‘plug and play’ immediately upon graduation, IICP places great emphasis on the importance of hands-on training, internship and industry-led curricula.


“Engineering studies at IICP aim at developing not only a deep understanding of fundamental and advanced technical principles, analytical tools and competence in their application, but also a wide range of management, personal and professional skills,” said Hemalatha Murugiah, Dean of IICP’s School of Engineering and Technology.

  Hands-on training and internship are the mainstream of IICP’s industry-led engineering curricula.

The School of Engineering and Technology offers full time and part time degree courses. The Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering offered is in collaboration with the University of Bradford, UK. In addition to the facilities and resources at IICP, Bradford’s online resources are also available to students. Also offered at IICP are the Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and MSc Electrical and Electronic Engineering programmes.


Strong links between INTI and the private sector mean that there are grants for research and development, and students have the opportunity to work on new and cutting-edge developments, including in robotics, while pursuing their course under the E2E programme which also includes internships, work placements and industry dialogue sessions.


The E2E (Enrolment to Employment) initiative ensures that the curriculum developed is relevant to the market’s needs, and more importantly, focuses on soft skills such as project management, team work, and proposals among others, which are essential skills when entering the work force.

Students at INTI benefit from the on-going initiatives being put in place to help them excel academically and to enhance their employability prospects substantially. By tapping on the resources of the Laureate International Universities network – the world’s largest private education network which it is a part of – INTI is able to ensure that it develops courses that are not only relevant but also in demand.


Laureate is present in 25 countries, and serves more than 600,000 students globally. The network offers more than 130 career-focused undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees in fields that include architecture, art, business, the culinary arts, design, education, engineering, health sciences, hospitality, information technology, law and medicine.


For further details on studying Engineering at IICP, log on to the website at or call 04-6310138.