Today’s work environment is more fast paced than ever before, demanding a host of 21st century skills that young professionals must demonstrate in order to excel and succeed.

Integrated industry-relevant curriculum

Recognising the importance of addressing the needs of both students and the industry, INTI has remained at the forefront in ensuring the employability and job-readiness of its graduates.

Each and every course taught at INTI integrates industry-relevant curriculum that is constantly evaluated for relevance.

Industry experienced lecturers

As part of that goal, INTI lecturers undergo Faculty Industry Attachment (FIA) programmes where they are seconded to top industry partners for several months.

Lecturers go through an orientation and on-boarding process including real-world scenarios in order to gain an in-depth understanding of what a new graduate hire will experience and what are the current demands of the job market.

Industry Advisory Boards (IAB)

INTI has established Industry Advisory Boards (IAB) that call upon active and influential professionals as well as recognised leaders in each industry ranging from Business, Engineering, Hospitality, Art and Design, and Information Technology to advise the academic boards on curriculum design and course delivery.

This ensures that students will acquire the knowledge and soft skills that can be immediately applied from the first day of work.

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